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for the sons of the moon: hwang minhyun, born on a full moon; and ong seongwu, born on the new moon. ☾

w follows:

a list of my most favorite ong/hwang fics that i definitely want to reread all the time.

oct 7 2018 ∞
mar 10 2019 +

a list of my read ong/hwang fics.

  • bed bugs 彡 five times seongwu found someone else on minhyun's bed (and one time he had minhyun all to himself).
  • blooming bouquet 彡 in spring, love makes people blossom. seongwu regards himself in the mirror and desperately wishes it wasn't so.
  • collateral damage 彡 the rule is easy enough: first person to drop their nerve and chicken out, loses. however, when does a game remain just a game?
  • dream beyond dreams 彡 in which seongwu finally gets a halfway decent next-door neighbour, and promptly catches feelings.
  • ever since we met (you're my flower) 彡 minhyun and seongwu. how they start. how they fall apart. how they come together. and everything in between.
  • fuck you in flower 彡 minhyun gets a surprise request from a customer.
  • (give me some time but i think we're sup... 彡 maybe his heart has just started missing Minhyun before his brain did.
oct 7 2018 ∞
mar 10 2019 +