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for the sons of the moon: hwang minhyun, born on a full moon; and ong seongwu, born on the new moon. ☾

w follows:

☾ a list of my most favorite ong/hwang fics that i definitely want to reread all the time.

  • hold onto me, cause i'm a little unsteady 彡 seongwu forms a habit of kissing minhyun but wasn’t ready for the onslaught of feelings that later came with it.
  • i've got a dark alley and a bad idea that says you should shut your mouth 彡 hwang minhyun, reporting to duty and ready to break hetero agendas.
  • indigo blues 彡 ong seongwu learns that love comes with a pair of hands stained with blue ink, a heart ripped and sewed, and a certain hwang minhyun.
  • midnight moon 彡 minhyun, host of sleepless seoul nights looks forward to a mysterious caller day after day.
  • never, sometimes, always (enough) 彡 beautiful mv verse, a story of how seongwu and minhyun come together.
  • nine-nine! 彡 seongwu and minhyun were the last people who should've been making a bet, considering they were by far the most competitive detectives in the precinct.
  • redamancy 彡 this is a story of how seongwu looks for minhyun in all of their shared tomorrows.
  • software instability 彡 minhyun is the android appointed as seongwu's partner. part two coming soon (i wish).
  • the feeling you give me (an everglow) 彡 hwang minhyun goes next door to gain inspiration but walks out with a crush and a gigantic bouquet he does not need instead.
  • up all night 彡 maybe drunk dialing someone to help drag your drunk-ass home could also lead to something good - to love, perhaps. seongwu could attest to that.
  • yes, no, maybe? 彡 seongwu is convinced minhyun is set to ruin his life and he had a very good - and long - list of reasons why.
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