• read 50 books
  • focus on earth-friendly choices
  • find a new job
  • move out


  • 9 - 12 mar: Universal Orlando
  • 31 jul - 2 aug: Leaky Con in Orlando

memorable dates

  • 6 jan: back to work
  • 11 jan: tornado party with mom, dad, K, and N. Spaghetti, games, karaoke, lots of drinks. No tornado.
  • 12 jan: brunch to celebrate one year with N
  • 13 jan: ♡ first date with N one year ago today
  • 18 jan: saw Rise of Skywalker again
  • 6 feb: inclement weather day! A lot of reading, writing, and resting done.
  • 7 feb: visit with mom's parents. Both in uncharacteristic good moods.
  • 12 feb: finally handed in two-week notice at school. Went surprisingly well, no horrors as I imagined.
  • 14 feb: baseball and brownies with N for Valentine's day
  • 20 feb: grievously injured my finger whilst chopping tomatoes for a salad
  • 22 feb: Mardi Gras bar crawl and parade with N
  • 24 feb: the devil was at work in the elementary school today
  • 26 feb: baseball game with N
  • 28 feb: final day at the elementary school. Had a pitcher of margarita and veg nachos to celebrate. Also saw The Invisible Man and enjoyed it.
  • 7 mar: watched Goblet of Fire with N. The first Harry Potter that really got on my nerves. Should have saved David Tennant for another Death Eater.
  • 9 mar: left for Universal at 3 am. A long day indeed but a fun first day.
  • 10-11 mar: Universal! It was a super fun trip, and I loved immersing myself in Harry's world. But like, between Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, Kings Cross, and hearing all the British accents from Brits in line, my nostalgia for London and England was SO STRONG it was like something I could taste in my mouth. And that bus ride with the driver blasting Queen with the interior lights out. And the grouchy old couple sitting behind us. So outrageous.
  • 12 mar: drive home. I swear it took twice as long as the drive down.
  • 16 mar: my anxiety and depression are OUTRAGEOUS right now. I hope we look back on the coronavirus panic in a few months and laugh.
  • 17 mar: St. Patrick's Day at home with parents and N. Drank a lot of rum and watched Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • 24 mar: fuck the coronavirus
  • 25 mar: prepared #owlsreadathon2020 tbr. Am journaling with quill, ink, and parchment. Harry Potter soundtracks as background music brings joy.
  • 28 mar: finally got some work hours in for what felt like the first time this month
jan 3 2020 ∞
mar 28 2020 +