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  • I think this is a really clever project and that you are a very bright student. Some of your answers on the final were some of the best I received out of the entire class.
  • Absolutely excellent, socially conscious work. A great take on sci-fi.
  • I would actually watch this movie. I can't say that about any of the other film pitches I got.
  • Emily, a nice job. ... I hope your work can be published. This manuscript is well-written and well-researched. I believe it addresses the rhetorical situation for EoA very well.
  • Nuanced and detailed responses. You are a very strong writer, and I hope that you will continue to write a great deal in your academic and professional careers.
  • A thoughtful and nuanced analysis. You are such a strong writer, and I hope you will continue writing extensively throughout your academic career and beyond.
  • You have done a sensitive and cogent analysis of Nate through the lens of Rancière's notion of stultification. I especially like the way you conclude. Though Nate's environment is stultifying, he remains above stultification through intelligence and will. I think Rancière would approve.
  • Professor J recommended that I submit my essay on Mercy Short as a candidate for the 2016 Colonial Dames Undergraduate Research Award.
  • You have a very strong topic and are an excellent writer.
  • This is good stuff. Excellent introduction.
  • This is a well-written response. You present a clear and consistent argument and demonstrate a strong grasp of course materials.
  • This paper is in fact exceedingly well-written. You have a beautiful prose style that sets your work apart from much undergraduate-level writing!
  • Overall, this is very high-quality historical work and I am impressed.
  • Really excellent work! Clear, sparse, and nicely presented.
  • Overall, this is exemplary work. Clear and succinct writing all around. Great format on References section. Great Job.
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