• American Authors: William Faulkner / My favorite literature class taken at university thus far. The professor drove me up the wall, but I fell in love with Faulkner's work. Reading Faulkner showed me that it is possible to love the South and write about the South without whitewashing and romanticizing its history. Reading Faulkner also encouraged me to reconsider my own original writing and how I might make it more powerful.
  • Invaders, Traders, and Lovers / The British literature course I took in London. My professor did an excellent job of weaving literature and history together, and it was just plain awesome to be able to read a text like The Canterbury Tales and then take a field trip to Canterbury.
  • Musical Theatre in London / My professor was amazing. I loved the time we spent in class as much as I loved the time we spent attending musicals in the West End.


  • Mr. P / My calculus teacher in eleventh and twelfth grade and easily the best math teacher I ever had. He was a witty little old man and made calculus easy and fun.
  • Dr. V K / She's so damn glamorous and genuinely wants her students to do well in her classes and actually learn French. I loved her mini-lessons on the culture of Côte d'Ivoire as much as I loved her stories about her big, quirky family. She's like the really cool aunt you wish you had.
  • Dr. J K / I can't even begin to describe the marvelous quirks of this man. He's the Professor Flitwick of history.
  • Dr. J / Literally the best. His passion for early American history is incredible. He's a hilarious, engaging, and intelligent lecturer and just overall really cool.
  • Olaf / The best theatre professor I could have asked for during my time in London. Absolutely hilarious, sassy, and engaging. His passion for musical theatre - as well as the class's evening adventures to the West End - converted me. I grew to love attending musicals in London.


  • London 2016 / I had the time of my life during my six weeks in London. It was all that I hoped it would be and more. I may eventually find the words to describe what an amazing time I had and how the experience changed me. For now, all I can do is encourage anyone with the means and opportunity to study abroad to go, go, go!
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