first of all, you need to always take care of yourself. you need to always put yourself first. it doesn't mean you're selfish, but if you're not good how do you expect the world to be? you need to change yourself first before changing your space. you need to be well to support your people, and they need to be well to support you. it's a cycle.

and to take care of your body, you need to take care of your mind. and your mind needs your body to live. and a body doesn't exist without energy. eat well, sleep well, exercise, consume and produce art, be with good people and don't forget to connect with the nature around you. feed your energy.

4 pillars to your life: peace (body), clarity (mind), compassion (soul) and courage (heart). you need peace to see things & reality with more clarity. and when you see things with more transparency, you put yourself in the other's shoes. and since you have compassion, you also have courage to live.

jun 3 2020 ∞
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