etcetera........ im so mf lazy dude and have identity crisis over what i like all the time. i usually just like whatever i watch on youtube at the time

  • symbolism, metaphorical writing, media literacy, film
  • general sciences & history
  • media with david tennant
  • oceanology / marine bio / biology / ornithology / paleontology
  • historical, sci-fi, dystopian, mental health themes, villains & heroes, horror / survival / "choose your story" genre, 2000s/2010s media, low poly
  • arts, theatre arts departments, acting methods, storytelling
  • lyricism, ballet, ice skating, cultures

nerdier stuff

  • good omens, mlb, atsv & itsv, doctor who
  • aot (snk), demon slayer, ghibli
  • dbh, fnaf series, mc, splatoon, nitw, mysims, overwatch
sep 5 2023 ∞
feb 5 2024 +