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  • I am a habitual nail and lip biter. It sucks.
  • I won't eat anything green. Except spearmint gum. That means no vegetables. Ever.
  • Strangely, I'll only buy spearmint gum. I'll eat other flavors if they're given to me but I'll never buy other kinds.
  • I need Coca-Cola to survive.
  • I'm always sick. All the time. And I'm a hypochrondriac.
  • Yes, I am really tiny, thanks for pointing that out. No, I'm not anorexic. Yes, I am Italian. Yes, I will eat all of your food when you're not looking and not gain a pound. Sorry.
  • I talk with my hands. A LOT. But I hate it when people move their hands too much when they're talking. It's too distracting.
  • I am a hypocrite. And a walking contradiction.
  • I'm loud. And I don't care if people hear my conversations. Join right in if you want to listen.
  • I'm a gossip whore. But don't worry, your secrets are safe .. for a few minutes.
  • I take a lot of pictures. So that makes me a camera whore too. I take a lot of pictures of my eyes. No, the flash doesn't hurt me, I'm a complete freak.
  • I hate ipods. Don't you dare mention that I buy one because "everyone has oneeee!". They're not cool. iTunes sucks. I'm not going to get one. Ever. Go away.
  • On that note, Zunes are great.
  • I have God-complex, mostly because of The Sims.
  • I create crazy stories/scenarios with my Sims. I have one town that is all based on the Tudors.
  • I'm a little OCD.
  • I love reading. I was that kid in kindergarden everyone hated because I knew how to read and they didn't. I still am that kid.
  • I like going on Wikipedia and looking up stuff to read when I'm bored. Who cares if half of it is probably false? Who hasn't edited Wikipedia?!
  • I love headbands. Blair Waldorf is my idol.
  • I'm a little obsessed with astrology. I do charts.
  • I don't even watch TV on my TV anymore. But still manage to watch too much of it anyway.
  • ... is my lucky number!
  • I love spending money, but not on other people. Especially when it's MY money. That's no fun.
  • Disney World is great, just so you know. I would live there.
  • I buy lots of unnecessary items. I also stress shop like it's my job.
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