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  • Harley Quinn (Batman series) - she has been in an abusive relationship for years and she was strong enough to leave him
  • Alice (Tim Burton's version) - decided to go on with her father's plans even with everyone judging her for being an independent woman
  • Margaret Keane - spent 10 years of her life painting for an abusive husband who was actually sick
  • Paris Jackson - tried to commit suicide and have to deal with haters yet but she still here
  • Joan Jett - she was part of The Runaways and when no one accepted her single album she oppened her own record company
  • Poly Styrene - left home when she was 15 with only £3 and became a big rockstar
  • Mrs. Banks (Mary Poppins) - protested for women's votes, even with her husband being against them
  • Jo (Little Women) - didn't care about gender roles, she wants to live her own life and if she has to be feminine when she grow up, she don't want to grow up at all
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