for got7's golden maknae, kim yugyeom.

scorpio sun, soul of an artist, r&b enthusiast, edgy tattoo lover. doesn't clean his phone lenses often. likes chocolate shake. infp personality. chaotic good.

soundcloud: yugyeom17

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aug 15 2019 ∞
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reminds me of you ✩★

  • "your skin smells like light. i think you are the Moon."
  • i swear i see flowers blooming from your chest and galaxies in your eyes. i see the stars in the tip of your tongue and the sun on your skin. you are the world to me.
  • strawberries are sweet. so are you.
  • "you are, i think, an evening star, the fairest of the stars."
  • he is sugar, curiosity and rain.
  • lovebug,your kisses taste like strawberries and your touch is always as soft as the clouds. thank you for being gentle with me. i love you.
aug 16 2019 ∞
aug 16 2019 +

from jacksonstardust

  • day1: i got to meet yugyeom as i was also getting to know got7! it was never ever era.
  • day2: i thought he was really cute and it was love at first time.
  • day3: i still can't believe how attached to him i got. he is simply the love of my life and the space he has in my heart is irreplaceable.
  • day4: the moment i knew was when i watched the never era dance practice and i got chills just seeing him dacing.
  • day5: the first photo of him i saw. uwu. him in a fanmeeting wearing black with a white bandana on his neck.
  • day6: all the hard carry fancams because they are my favorite.
  • day7: him making the heart fingers.
  • day8: photo scan from 7 for 7 present edition.
aug 15 2019 ∞
aug 15 2019 +