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disclaimer ; i really love angst.
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  • you, more like love than love itself jihoon + woojin ⊰ For as long as they've known each other, Park Jihoon and Park Woojin have walked a thin line between being so-called frenemies and something else. Then Jihoon gets dumped by his fake boyfriend and he's left to deal with the hurricane of feelings he's worked so hard to repress.
  • ghostless is the air jihoon + woojin ⊰ Park Jihoon has been able to see ghosts his entire life, but he’s never had one follow him around like his ex-boyfriend slash enemy-for-life Park Woojin does.
  • turning on a one way street, i'll find m... jonghyun + minhyun ⊰ Minhyun shines so brightly that sometimes Jonghyun feels very, very far away. But even then, he’d suppressed a hope that Minhyun would come. It's stupid, but when Minhyun says “it’ll be okay”, he can almost make himself believe it. Or Jonghyun is convinced that Nu’ests failure is his fault and Minhyun does every...
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  • the fate of the funny sehyoon + byeongkwan ⊰ Byeongkwan finds his childhood friend and crush again, after years of separation. That's fine, he supposes, but not when he's buying Eggo's at midnight on a Tuesday. Or, alternatively, the fic in which Byeongkwan is whipped for Sehyoon and Sehyoon's just trying to do his damn job. ♡
  • nebula ot5 donghun + junhee, sehyoon + byeongkwan ⊰ In a world where everyone loves and adores idols, no one ever pays attention to the backup dancers. What happens when a seemingly random group of boys are brought together to be backup dancers for a top idol group's summer tour? Follow the five of them as they practice, travel, and get through shit together. Friendships bloom, relationships crumble, and things get strangely domestic - they are living together, after all. ♡
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pairings consisting of the hyung line

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  • where we stand jaehyun + winwin ⊰ unfinished. Sicheng and Jaehyun have something that works. There's no reason to fuck that up. ♡

taeyong + jaehyun

  • back to you ⊰ Taeyong remembers how he always thought Jaehyun's mouth was made to smile, his eyes meant to light up and crinkle, always kind, genuine, manifesting a child like innocence. ♡
  • this is it ⊰ Taeyong and Jaehyun both struggle with their own issues while trying to be together. cw: mentions of past rape/non-con, anxiety, domestic abuse, internalized homophobia.
  • easy ⊰ Jung Jaehyun wasn't someone that was easily shaken because in this city, he was the one who shook everyone else. cw: mafia au, prostitution, violence.
  • don't pretend like you don't like it ⊰ “Don’t,” Jaehyun says softly. “...
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pairings consisting of the dreamies

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  • you, in my arms mark + donghyuck ⊰ Mark wasn't expecting to be thrown a curve ball at the start of his senior year of high school--his private, mundane, Christian boarding school. Even more unexpected was that it would come in the shape of a flashy, quick-witted, bronzed teenage boy. Just like everyone else, they start off as strangers, quickly becoming friends after meeting and...staying friends. Mark didn't really anticipate anything past that. But somewhere between the stolen glances and sneaking out past curfew, the shared smiles and laughing so hard his sides feel about ready to burst, the gentle touches and carding fingers through fading, fiery hair on his lap. Somewhere between these precious, everyday moments, Mark finds himself falling in love with Lee Donghyuck.
mar 28 2018 ∞
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