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disclaimer ; i really love angst.
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  • the fate of the funny sehyoon + byeongkwan ⊰ Byeongkwan finds his childhood friend and crush again, after years of separation. That's fine, he supposes, but not when he's buying Eggo's at midnight on a Tuesday. Or, alternatively, the fic in which Byeongkwan is whipped for Sehyoon and Sehyoon's just trying to do his damn job. ♡
  • nebula ot5 donghun + junhee, sehyoon + byeongkwan ⊰ In a world where everyone loves and adores idols, no one ever pays attention to the backup dancers. What happens when a seemingly random group of boys are brought together to be backup dancers for a top idol group's summer tour? Follow the five of them as they practice, travel, and get through shit together. Friendships bloom, relationships crumble, and things get strangely domestic - they are living together, after all. ♡
  • welcome home ot5 ⊰ Sehyoon had always been a member of the family. He was a member before the others had even met him. But he already belonged to a family—one that wasn’t so keen on letting go. The solution, of course, was to drive eight hours north, and stay in a cabin in the woods for a week. cw: implied child abuse, referenced self-harm.
  • loose threads yuchan + ace ⊰ It was just a headache, right? cw: sick!fic, epilepsy.
  • we burn with the brightest flame ot5 ⊰ When the war against Grisha breaks out five young men find themselves fighting for survival of their own, but most importantly, of their loved ones.

sehyoon + byeongkwan

  • broken, lost, mended & found ⊰ Two runaway brothers stumble upon three strangers spending their summer on the road. cw: reference abuse, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks.
  • phone calls and rooftops ⊰ If it weren’t for Eunsuh, Sehyoon would probably have never realized how important Byeongkwan is. ♡ cw: panic attacks.
  • thigh ⊰ Byeongkwan loves Sehyoon's legs.
  • body warmth is the best warmth ⊰ Byeongkwan hates these feelings and he hates himself but he isn't going to blame Sehyoon for them. He bends down slightly to cup some water in his hand and splashes it on his face. He doesn't know when they started, but he knows it's always been there. The extra love for Sehyoon, how he cherished him more. cw: panic attacks, internalized homophobia.
  • issue no.1 ⊰ Sehyoon has to accept how different he and Byeongkwan are.
  • carnal ⊰ car·nal ˈkärnl/adjective adjective: carnal. Relating to physical, especially sexual, needs and activities. "carnal desire"
  • bedhead and blueberry pancakes ⊰ “Kwannie, you need to get up,” Sehyoon said, moving to press kisses to Byeonkwan’s shoulder. “Don’t wanna,” Byeongkwan mumbled in response, cocooning himself further in the comforter and burying his face in the pillow. “Too tired. Going back to sleep.” ♡
  • my imaginary friend ⊰ "Sometimes life has a cruel sense of humor, giving you the thing, you always wanted the most at the worst time possible..." Sehyoon lived his whole life studying and later working, to please his parents and get a good job. So, when he dies at the quite young age of 25, he feels like he has missed out on everything. But then, instead of heaven, he finds himself in his 12-year-old body in the bedroom of a little boy called Jason who wants nothing more than a best friend. The older is immediately wraped around his finger and they quickly become inseparable. There is only one problem; nobody except Jason can see Sehyoon. So, how do you explain to your friends and family that you are falling in love with your imaginary best friend?

sehyoon + junhee

  • a little trust ⊰ The best things in life require a little trust.
  • enigma ⊰ Love doesn’t always go the way you want it to. You aren’t always liked back by the person you like. It happens. They just didn’t expect it to happen like this.

miscellaneous pairings

  • mirror, mirror junhee + byeongkwan ⊰ “Jun. If you don’t keep it down they’ll hear you.” “Well I can’t— m-mmh—“ His measly excuse for a protest was cut off by another surge of pleasure that had him clutching at the table with his free hand, the other desperately trying to hide the deep red situated across his cheeks by propping his head up with his palm. It barely worked, honestly, but thanks to the handful of bottles of soju they’d gotten to go along with their meal they were able to pass off his blush as something else.
  • fragmented athanasia ot5 ⊰ Athanasia; noun; meaning deathlessness or immortality. It's not that their lives are uneventful. They're plenty eventful. Just three weeks ago they went out on a random vacation to some resort six hundred miles away because they could. That's what it's like, being near immortal. It's the freedom to do everything you never thought possible in your human life. At least. That's how Seyoon thinks. But there are times where life seems all too fragile and delicate. Where the feeling of being immortal and untouchable is yanked from them. Which is exactly what happened to Yoochan and Junhee. Seyoon and the others are just trying to cope with it all. It goes about as well as one might expect. ♡
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