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  • where we stand jaehyun + winwin ⊰ unfinished. Sicheng and Jaehyun have something that works. There's no reason to fuck that up. ♡

taeyong + jaehyun

  • back to you ⊰ Taeyong remembers how he always thought Jaehyun's mouth was made to smile, his eyes meant to light up and crinkle, always kind, genuine, manifesting a child like innocence. ♡
  • this is it ⊰ Taeyong and Jaehyun both struggle with their own issues while trying to be together. cw: mentions of past rape/non-con, anxiety, domestic abuse, internalized homophobia.
  • easy ⊰ Jung Jaehyun wasn't someone that was easily shaken because in this city, he was the one who shook everyone else. cw: mafia au, prostitution, violence.
  • don't pretend like you don't like it ⊰ “Don’t,” Jaehyun says softly. “The cameras are rolling.” He hits Jaehyun’s butt once. He pauses when he hears a loud gasp, when he feels a hand grasp his own gently before letting go. He doesn’t dwell on it right now (he’ll do that later) and delivers five more sharp blows to Jaehyun’s bottom before returning to his room. Or, it all starts when Taeyong accidentally learns that Jaehyun likes to get spanked.
  • vindication ⊰ Everyone knows that Taeyong’s always been a bit strange. cw: dom/sub.
  • aeipathy ⊰ Taeyong knows Jaehyun's touch by heart, he's memorized it.
  • i'm gonna bother you ⊰ Taeyong purposely took photos with Johnny like that. Because Taeyong always wants Jaehyun to be a little rougher. cw: dom/sub, slight choking, collaring.
  • seraphic ⊰ "I started thinking about before, when I was bad, and how hard it would be without you. You make me so happy, I can’t lose you."
  • i can go all day ⊰ Jaehyun really likes wrecking Taeyong.
  • as swift as it is tender ⊰ When your mother is a deity and your father is some lowlife unbeknownst to you, your life is far from normal. However, that was life for Taeyong and he has learned to deal with it, somehow. Now he was nineteen, and he wanted to go to the mortal world--maybe he would fit in better there. ♡
  • don't wanna be lonely, just wanna be yours ⊰ Jaehyun learned a while ago that he’s greediest when it comes to Taeyong. ♡
  • third time's a charm ⊰ +doyoung. Doyoung had gone home for the weekend and was not expected to be back until the following afternoon. However, Jaehyun had an inkling of a thought, a thought that Taeyong had a small infatuation with his roommate, and Jaehyun would be damned if he didn't exploit that for his own enjoyment.
  • cause the truth is, i'm about to lose it ⊰ These are the lies that keep Jaehyun alive. (or the one where jaeyong are headasses angsting after each other).
  • paper cranes ⊰ Taeyong's heart is made of the same fragile material Yoonoh, with soft hands and a passion for paper, could easily handle. ♡
  • there is no you ⊰ Where Taeyong really only cares about himself. ♡
  • think about you ⊰ Jaehyun really wants to go down on Taeyong.
  • paint your eyes a shade of crowing navy ⊰ Like how most people would feel when they meet Lee Taeyong for the first time, Jaehyun too, was promptly smitten. Firstly, by his looks. Secondly, by his smile. Thirdly, by the way his hand felt against his.
  • gently ⊰ Jaehyun believes that he is always gentle when he fucks his boyfriend, Taeyong. Taeyong, on the other hand, is dead set on the fact that Jaehyun is far too forceful. Pleadingly, he asks his lover to at least give him one night to love making that doesn’t leave him limping for a week. Stubbornly, Jaehyun agrees. Even though he tries his best to do everything gently, without hurting Taeyong, his inner animal needs to be let out; it needs to have its fill of the beautiful man he loves so much.
  • traced your fingers, drew my spine ⊰ Jaehyun works for the ministry of finance, Taeyong kills people for a living, and in between long days they share even longer nights. cw: violence, character death.
  • my somebody is a nobody ⊰ unfinished. Lee Taeyong is out there looking for a somebody but all he gets is a nobody. cw: anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts/attempts, alcohol/drug abuse, homophobia, abuse, prostitution.
  • fatal miscalculations ⊰ A young, orphaned and heartbroken artist, who works multiple shifts just to feed his mouth, finds solace in the heir of the Jungs, Jaehyun, the potential leader of the Raisel Pride, who struggles to not fall for a boy he knows he will never be allowed to be with.
  • sirenum scopuli ⊰ Jaehyun couldn’t take his eyes off of him as he danced, the performer’s body moving gracefully on stage. He was shrugging off the shirt slowly and there was glitter on the sharp cut of his collarbones, reflecting in the bright lights. There was a shy look on his face and his cheeks were pink. The way he moved was intoxicating, utterly arousing. ♡
  • your compliments look good on me ⊰ In which Jaehyun saves Taeyong's night halfway before it can go to shit. ABO Verse.
  • the lonely days ⊰ unfinished. All Taeyong needs to do is survive. All he has to do, is give himself up to Jaehyun. ABO Verse.

taeyong + yuta

  • see me now ⊰ "Your name is Yuta," is the first thing Taeyong says to him— a statement, not a question. ♡
  • regrets ⊰ Yuta left the pack when he was presented as an omega. He only would get them in trouble like that. He regrets causing them so much problem and he won't go back to them no matter what. He knows that they will just regret it if he went back. But will they really? Or what if one of the only regrets not being strong enough to protect Yuta and would do anything to get him back? cw: ABO Verse.
  • definitely maybe ⊰ Taeyong sees through him, through his wounds and flaws, and knows Yuta is a disaster, a mistake of the universe, a boy taught to love by the devil. ♡
  • you're so good ⊰ Where Yuta really wants to be petted, but Taeyong makes him work for it first.
  • out of body ⊰ By now, it's easy for Taeyong to tell the nights apart. ♡
  • something like that ⊰ Where Yuta wants to try something new and Taeyong is happy to oblige.
  • deathly emotional flowers ⊰ Yuta doesn't feel well. Maybe it's the fault of the flowers in his stomach.
  • let your fingers do the talking ⊰ Taeyong really needs to start knocking.
  • the greatest generation ⊰ The summer is too short. Taeyong gets a camera to document every second of it.
  • something new, something good ⊰ “What?” Taeyong blinks, his eyes gleaming under the streetlights, and they’re magic, but Taeyong. Well, he’s something even more special. or; yuta finds new friends, a little magic, and a place to call his. ♡
  • escaping fate ⊰ When the red string appeared around his neck, Yuta knew that he was doomed. Gone would be his freedom and independency. Wasn't that’s how it always went?Well, he was definitely not willing to give up his dreams just like that. Taeyong discovered the red string around his wrist when he was practicing. But instead of happiness the only thing that ran through his mind was panic. There was no way he was letting fate ruin even more than it had already done in his life. Two 21-year-old guys who have no interest in a relationship or soulmate whatsoever, end up being paired together by fate. Can they make it work or is it destined to fail?
  • stronger than the ocean ⊰ Taeyong thinks he might spend his vacation in Busan bored out of his mind and feeling nostalgic about the past, until he meets 7-year-old Jisung from next door and his babysitter Yuta, and suddenly summer looks a lot brighter.
  • your heart is a volcano, let your flowers bloom ⊰ In Yuta's fourth year as manager to Lee Taeyong, heartthrob of the nation, he contracts the stupidest disease he's ever heard of: Hanahaki. ♡
  • early morning ⊰ +doyoung. Ten minutes into the whole sleeping together thing, Doyoung senses a very large flaw in plan- they don't fit. ♡
  • of ink and emptiness ⊰ In which Yuta is a model and Taeyong an artist, and they're bound to one another by ink. cw: body dismorphia/eating disorders, alcoholism, anxiety, car accidents.
  • tiny hands hold onto me ⊰ unfinished. kid fic with baby!winwin. Taeyong and Yuta know Sicheng belongs with them the second they feel his tiny hands in theirs. ♡
  • a house of cards is only as strong as a rainstorm ⊰ Taeyong sleeps a lot better now that Yuta is here. He likes to think that Yuta does, too.
  • guess who fed a vampire today ⊰ Yuta saves one vampire and instantly regrets it.

jaehyun + winwin

  • let your love tease me ⊰ +taeyong. Yoonoh had told him not long after that first night in the practise room that he and Sicheng had been fucking for months, a secret from everyone. Taeyong would have been jealous, would have spent months obsessing over every little moment shared between the two if the information hadn’t been quickly followed up by an invitation.
  • room 915 ⊰ it’s not until jaehyun’s standing looking at himself in the mirror with foam around his mouth that he realizes what kind of situation they’ve ended up in. but things don’t have to get awkward just because they sleep in the same bed. that’s all, he reminds himself. just sleep. ♡
  • real love, true love ⊰ Sicheng becomes a camboy and his complicated relationships kind of get in the way.
  • the flower and the sword ⊰ The royal court of the Tang was nothing Jaehyun had ever seen before nor would have imagined. ♡
  • bite ⊰ Having an eighteen month old vampire boyfriend isn't easy. Especially when he's teething. ♡
  • thinking of you ⊰ Jaehyun needs to forget about Johnny and Sicheng is more than willing to help.
  • hanging on the telephone ⊰ The first time, Sicheng's reasonably certain, is an accident. ♡
  • nothing better ⊰ Countless kisses later and it still doesn’t feel quite real.
  • all i ever wanted is here ⊰ Jaehyun’s hands cradle his bowl, palms cozy from the emanating heat. There should be more things in between them, he thinks: language and culture, circumstance and interest. Only—here they are. Sitting across each other, feet by feet and hands by hands, elbows knocking on the same wooden table, just a knowing silence living in the distance. So Jaehyun returns a smile and it says, thank you for being this for me, not caring that neither of them know what “this” is, yet. It’s a feeling he’s accustomed to by now, anyway. Or: in which Jaehyun and Sicheng both live in Beijing, and they spend a summer falling hopelessly and helplessly in love. ♡
  • as directed ⊰ "Your weird thing wasn't as weird as my weird thing," Jaehyun says. "Not to make myself sound like a creep or anything, it's just – it's about wanting to take care of you, that's all."
  • several sunlit days ⊰ Sicheng was born to fly. He’s just a little accident prone. So when he loses balance trying to receive the Quaffle during the Gryffindor-Slytherin match and slips off his broom, all he can wonder before he hits the pitch is how this didn’t happen sooner. ♡

yuta + jaehyun

  • under my fingertips ⊰ "You're so soft, hyung." ♡
  • room for two ⊰ Domestic fluff with a bit of miscommunication.
  • i'm your ch-ch-cherry bomb ⊰ He can feel someone watching, their stare practically burning, and when he looks it's Jaehyun, standing in the shadows. Their eyes meet and Yuta knows what's gonna happen once he's done. It reminds him of receiving a similar look, in the half-dark of a bedroom.
  • love won't sleep ⊰ It takes Jaehyun less than an hour to fall in love— or maybe just to realize he's been in love for a long time. ♡
  • yuta's love ⊰ Yoonoh always felt Yuta's love. cw: oppa kink.
  • young and stupid ⊰ Yuta was finding himself in situations like this more and more often. Situations where Jaehyun would corner him, a smile on his lips as he pressed Yuta against the closest surface.
  • bet and regret ⊰ Ten and Jaehyun make a bet: whoever can sleep with Yuta, well-known among both male and female students for his flirty, social nature and great bed skills, first, gets fifty bucks. And being the poor (and horny) students they are, they find themselves trying to get the beautiful Japanese man’s attention. Or Jaehyun is nicer than Ten and Yuta just falls in love easily.
  • what can you do ⊰ There's something strange about hooking up with your band mate slash friend with benefits slash the guy you occasionally dislike, but Yuta still does it because he's hopeless. ♡
  • elementary ⊰ Yuta’s never had anyone like Jaehyun. He tries his best to keep it that way.

johnny + ten

  • party favors ⊰ After sneaking out gets Johnny into a near-death situation, his mom sends him to Busan to spend the summer with his eccentric, not blood-related aunt. Ten comes into the picture, and it all goes downhill from there. ♡
  • wait a second i'm figuring us out ⊰ Ten’s life is pretty spectacularly normal until Youngho crashes in and turns it all around… also Dongyoung is really nice and Yuta is nerdy and unhelpful. ♡
  • my heart, it belongs to you ⊰ “You ground me,” Ten breathes out. Slow and careful, like everything about this has been. “I’m kind of in love with you, Johnny Seo.” Or: Ten finds more than just a viable career path at SM Entertainment. ♡
  • the seventh sense ⊰ The human child is a curiosity. Ten has seen human children before, but they've usually stared at him for a bit before going back to playing under the tree in which Ten resides. Or trapped in, depending on what mood Ten is in on that day. Or year. ♡
  • the stuff of comets ⊰ Johnny Seo returns to the figure skating scene two years after his unexpected retirement as his half-brother Mark’s manager. With the Olympics fast approaching, can Johnny help Mark become the best skater he can be? ♡
  • one step, two steps ⊰ Youngho isn't going to admit he likes Ten, not even if Yuta tries to get into his pants. Youngho isn't in love with Ten, at all.
  • ripped jeans ⊰ The rips in Johnny's jeans are symbolistic to how undone he can make Ten be.
  • dream in a dream ⊰ Ten likes to call Youngho oppa and that's all there is to it.
  • somethin' kinda crazy ⊰ Johnny works at Panera Bread, and it's always absolutely a disaster.
  • if love was a trumpet i'd blow it ⊰ Youngho is a good lay and Ten can't remember why they stopped sleeping together. Until Youngho opens his mouth. Or: youngho sucks at dirty talk and ten wishes he'd just shut up.
  • i'll give them shelter like you've done for me ⊰ Before Ten could even think of crying, before he could pull his hand back and examine the cuts littered across the palm of his hand, there was a gentle touch at his wrist, carefully pulling him away from the sink and the mess of glass. cw: anxiety attacks.
  • 4th times a charm ⊰ Ten is tired of Johnny leaving a mess around their dorm so Doyoung suggests seducing his roommate to get him to stop.

yuta + doyoung

  • two pumps raspberry ⊰ In which Nakamoto Yuta is the assistant manager at Neo Coffee and Tea and Kim Dongyoung probably wasn't expecting to end up in a barista's sweatpants when he walked in for a vanilla latte with two pumps raspberry. ♡
  • cinnamon sugarPart 2 of 'two pumps raspberry' In which Yuta and Dongyoung go on their first date and they may have a strange way of showing affection but it ends with a kiss either way. Oh and Jaehyun gets hired at Neo Coffee and Tea. ♡
  • tastes like thunder ⊰ It takes Yuta a lot of failed takes to learn that it's okay to love freely and in moderation. Doyoung reminds him to stop and smell the flowers along the way. ♡
  • lightning in a bottle ⊰ Doyoung wanted to live a peaceful life, but he firmly believed Yuta was out to ruin him. ♡
  • when it comes to us ⊰ Doyoung, a very traditional omega, doesn't get why Yuta, another omega, is chasing after him. Though he admits Yuta is really pretty. cw: ABO Verse.
  • basorexia ⊰ Doyoung is self-conscious about his lack of experience and his friend Yuta volunteers to help. ♡
  • reach out and touch ⊰ +ten. Yuta's pregnancy is starting to make him tired but thankfully he has his mates to take care of him. cw: ABO Verse, mpreg.
  • chains ⊰ Doyoung swears that if Yuta says "no homo" once more, he's just going to kiss the hell out of him. ♡
  • love the player, hate the game ⊰ Doyoung has to interview the star athlete of his high school's soccer team, and he ends up learning more than expected.
  • for everyone, for you ⊰ Doyoung and Yuta are comfortable in their status as one of the internet's hottest couples, and the boundary between what they show to the world and what they don't feels pretty clear. Until suddenly it doesn't, and they might end up making a little more of their relationship public than they originally planned. ♡
  • la la love ⊰ Yuta and Dongyoung are gross and in love. ♡
  • fading lights ⊰ If only Yuta could listen to songs about unrequited love and not, infallibly and miserably think about one Kim Doyoung. The pain of dealing with life is bigger than life itself. cw: depression, anxiety, implied eating disorders.
  • static motion ⊰ you're rushing to destruction 'cause you don't have nothing left.
  • taste of your lips, i'm on a ride ⊰ Dongyoung is confident about a lot of things -- it came in a package deal with his ego -- but he has never been more sure that offering to kiss your best friend who has never tried it before so he doesn't end up as 'that loser university freshman who hasn't even made it halfway to first base and is obviously a shitty kiss virgin' is kind of a big deal. It's more like, a colossal deal. (And that might be because Dongyoung has the slightest -- tiny, itty-bitty, minuscule, not even there, to be honest -- crush on Yuta but probably not. Definitely not.)

yuta + winwin

  • photograph ⊰ Sicheng renders him speechless, with his red cherry lips and his twinkling eyes, and Yuta hates him so much. ♡
  • sugar pill ⊰ There’s more than just a language barrier between Yuta and Winwin.
  • what we're looking for ⊰ Sicheng wishes things could be simpler. ♡
  • one man kind of showman ⊰ Yuta is all talk, all action, and he's getting there with the feelings.
  • obsessions ⊰ Yuta gets his tongue pierced and waits for Sicheng to notice. (Spoiler: It takes three days.) ♡
  • close all the gaps between you and i ⊰ Though he tried not to, he couldn’t help but look at the tennis court. In what world it could beat soccer, Yuta had no idea, but he was still curious. ♡
  • aftertouch ⊰ In which Yuta is not your usual sub and Sicheng not the stereotypical dom, but when they meet at a dom/sub event in a sex club, they’re both more than intrigued.

misc. pairings

taeil + johnny

  • twenty four ⊰ Youngho wants to propose, but he wants it to be special. It backfires. — Youngho / Taeil (Proposal!AU) ♡
  • the ticking clock ⊰ Taeil knows there's no point in chasing after the unattainable. Especially when it takes the form of Gryffindor's Quidditch Captain, Seo Youngho. — Taeil / Youngho (Harry Potter!AU) ♡

taeil + yuta

  • 木漏れ日 ⊰ Love is a learning process and Yuta's only a beginner. ♡
  • life in cartoon motion ⊰ Yuta has been begging Taeil to join the cheerleading team with him for years. One day out of the blue, Taeil agrees. ♡

johnny + taeyong

  • thirsty for love ⊰ Taeyong gets matched as a blood donor to an all-powerful vampire who spends too much time on the internet. ♡
  • the empty side of the bed ⊰ "It's spring cleaning day," Taeyong tells him. "No, sorry, I don't think it is," Youngho says, pulling Taeyong as close as possible and kissing him hard on the mouth. "It is definitely just a day for me to drown you in affection." or: Youngho is really determined to get out of cleaning, no matter what it takes. ♡
  • the typical love song ⊰ It's an ugly crush, but Taeyong doesn't regret it.
  • hot and bothered ⊰ Taeyong unexpectedly goes into heat and enlists the aid of an alpha with whom he is only tangentially acquainted. __cw: ABO Verse._
  • jumping jacks ⊰ Taeyong whispers a barely audible “I love you” into Johnny’s neck and only seconds later his fingers relax around Johnny’s jacket as he falls back to sleep. ♡
  • cure ⊰ "I know this sounds random and kind of awful but my creepy ex is here and he’s been following me for the last hour. Would you mind like… just pretending to flirt with me or something so he’ll get the hint and leave me alone?” cw: mentions of past abuse.
  • sweet talk ⊰ unfinished. A spring of firsts for Lee Taeyong. ABO Verse.
  • you shine like the stars, you light up my heart ⊰ Taeyong knows the only reason he's brave enough to sext Johnny Seo is because it's supposed to be convenient and inconsequential. Except it isn't.

johnny + doyoung

  • all i can give you is memories ⊰ Youngho ends up in the last place he ever wanted to be, but with Doyoung as his mentor he slowly begins to feel that his world has not ended, only shifted course. And hopefully he can find a friend along the way.

johnny + jaehyun

  • when it happened, if it happened ⊰ Youngho smiles, beer bottle gripped loosely in one hand and a cigarette halfway to his mouth, “I’ve learned to love you quietly.” Jaehyun doesn’t quite know what to say. ♡
  • on air ⊰ Johnny had no idea who Jung Jaehyun was, but he apparently fits his ideal type. Alternatively: Johnny is a radio DJ at his university's station who's friends suck besides Kun, and Jaehyun is the new DJ who is an actual angel sent from above. ♡
  • hump de bump ⊰ Making out with a senior at a party isn't the best way to start a relationship, Jaehyun knows that much.
  • faraday ⊰ Jaehyun is static and Youngho’s world is on fire. ♡
  • like it's our last night on earth ⊰ Jaehyun is moving out and suffice it to say, neither of them are in any way happy about that. ♡
  • double act ⊰ Johnny has always been there for Jaehyun, ever since they met. But never like this.

taeyong + doyoung

  • only you ⊰ Dongyoung really doesn't wanna play seven minutes in heaven.
  • tumble dry ⊰ In a panicked attempt at reigning himself in, Taeyong notices something he has that the boy doesn't, and without thinking he blurts, "I have fabric softener." The boy looks up at him like he's got two heads, his eyebrows raised. "Uh, if you need it," Taeyong clarifies. ♡
  • of soggy fries and your smile ⊰ Working the late night shift at a twenty-four hour McDonalds is kind of like being suspended in a weird limbo between the world of the intellectual living and actual Hell but Taeyong would be lying if he said he doesn’t have a little bit of a crush on the cute brunet who comes in the middle of the night every so often, points out his order of a large iced tea with a smile that makes Taeyong weak, and does work on his Macbook until whenever he decides to leave. ♡
  • you, me and them ⊰ “You look beautiful today,” he says as he slips a hand under Taeyong’s sweater and tugs slightly at the skimpy fabric of his camisole. He grips the hem of Taeyong’s sweater and pulls it up his stomach, leans down to press kisses against the soft planes of Taeyong’s upper body as he slips one hand between his legs and jerks his cock. Taeyong feels so small under him, he is small, with his petite form, his soft body, but more than that it’s the way he gives himself over to Doyoung. ♡
  • sweet, sugary sweet ⊰ Taeyong has a habit of finding new habits. Some are more persistent than others. ♡
  • death of a bachelor ⊰ Gongmyung is getting married! Doyoung is troubled with the upcoming changes, but he gets to meet Taeyong along the way. — Doyoung / Taeyong (Life!AU) ♡
  • knowing me, knowing you ⊰ Unfortunately, neither helping to save the world nor retiring from the superhero life allowed Doyoung to avoid having to deal with his feelings for his best friend.
  • let the sun fade out to a darker sky ⊰ "Yes, that Taeyong," Johnny said, and Doyoung flipped him the bird for no particular reason. It wasn’t an out of the ordinary occurrence, given the circumstances. Doyoung sputtered, "But I thought he was—" "He’s been contracted back here in Korea for about a year," Johnny said. Shortly after breaking up with Doyoung, Taeyong moves to America for a graduate program and a lucrative job opportunity. Life, pushing all the stupid little pieces together, brings Taeyong back five years later for a work contract-- and to partner with Doyoung in planning their best friends' wedding.
  • loopholes ⊰ Taeyong doesn’t know what Doyoung wants. They don’t talk about it, which is an undeniably bad idea.
  • melt and swallow taeyong centric ⊰ Taeyong just wants to be loved. And maybe fucked and filled, too.

taeyong + winwin

  • baby don't like it ⊰ Taeyong is having a hard time trying to stay away from his new patient who is growing a little bit too fond of his company. cw: doctor/patient relationship, underage sex, anxiety & panic attacks, attempted rape.
  • war games ⊰ Dongyoung finds a new cat, and Taeyong just can't compete. Especially when he's not trying to. cw: hybrids.
  • when the night gets heavy ⊰ Sicheng always looks cute to Taeyong. For the first time, he lets himself do something about it.

yuta + ten

  • reaching out for all you are past taeyong + yuta ⊰ Yuta learns the value of friendship and love. ♡
  • higher than the eastern skies ⊰ "Wake up, sleeping beauty," he hears a cheery voice right in his ear.
  • lights down low ⊰ When Yuta asks Ten to help him with his heat, Ten agrees, knowing it's not unusual for alphas to do such favors for their omega friends. He soon realizes things between them are more complicated than he initially thought. cw: ABO Verse.

kun + doyoung

  • i guess i need you ⊰ Dongyoung keeps sleeping in their daughters room despite getting the all clear from the doctors and Kun misses him. ♡

doyoung + jaehyun

  • to win against the king of hearts ⊰ All Doyoung had asked for, was a job. Yet the world decided to throw him a ballistic package of a useless best friend, useless best friend’s hot boyfriend, roommates who are extremely busy playing tongue tennis to make the apartment habitable and a royal monarch who is too interested in him for his sanity to last. ♡
  • practice & theory ⊰ Doyoung considers himself a moral person, he really does. He’d die before he’d say anything to anyone that a patient has told him in confidence, something that could trace back to them, or any details of a session. No exceptions, no slip-ups, no compromises. But sometimes the rest makes him feel like he’s going to explode.
  • baby, you're the best ⊰ At this high school, Jaehyun is a hockey player and Doyoung is his melodramatic boyfriend. ♡
  • photoshoot fail ⊰ Jaehyun knows he can be a bit childish, but sometimes he will pout a bit harder and sulk a bit more just so Doyoung will coddle him a little longer.
  • the sheets don't smell like you anymore ⊰ "Let someone who really cares for you treat you right," Jaehyun whispers. He cups Dongyoung's cheeks and wipes under his eyes with his thumbs. Dongyoung knows Jaehyun is talking about himself, can see it in those gorgeous eyes that make his heart hurt. He knows it's dangerous and wrong to entertain the thought of Jaehyun filling in the spaces Taeyong has left. (Dongyoung is planning his and Taeyong's wedding all by himself and he wonders if it's worth it to stay with a man who's never around). ♡
  • how our bodies work ⊰ Their first time is a little awkward, but it's everything they wanted it to be.
  • bliss ⊰ Prompt: Jaehyun reluctantly finds himself at a yoga class. The only upside is that the instructor happens to be cute. And very, very touchy. (Jaehyun is counting down the days till the end of the world but Doyoung's tights are horribly distracting.) ♡
  • can't fight the feeling forever ⊰ Taeyong’s eyebrows rose, and Doyoung’s panic reached a fever pitch. He looked over at who he pulled over, and his blood instantly turned to ice. It was Jung Jaehyun.

doyoung + donghyuck

  • uptown boy ⊰ Dongyoung hates his job at Foot Locker, and his boss's nephew. Donghyuck develops a fascination with pink superstars. Summer!AU. ♡

ten + jaehyun

hansol + yuta

  • afterglow ⊰ Once more, Hansol repeats inside his mind that Yuta is just a pretty boy. Only that. ♡
  • no doubt in my mind where you belong ⊰ Hansol is looking at him over the top of his own coffee cup and Yuta smiles brilliantly and slurps loudly from his overfull cup without lifting it from the table. ♡
  • this mark you've made on me can't be erased ⊰ Yuta misses Hansol. He misses the quiet moments in their bed, the hushed laughs after a sudden tickle fight, the long hour talks well into the night. But maybe, when he misses Hansol most is during those special moments Yuta just needs Hansol to take care of him and pull him out of his head. cw: dom/sub, subspace, humiliation/pain kink.
  • you there, in the front, with the eyes ⊰ Yuta is bored and barges into Hansol's room for sex. The enlightening biology lesson is an added bonus. cw: ABO Verse.
  • love me in the middle of your lowest night ⊰ Yuta can’t remember the last time he’s craved somebody so deeply more than he ever has with Hansol. cw: dom/sub, bondage.
  • maybe i'm a crook for stealing your heart away ⊰ So he drowns himself in Yuta’s body and evades talking about things that could dim Yuta’s smile, and while it might not be a healthy way of maintaining a relationship, they’re still working on that.
  • please just be quiet, and let me love you ⊰ every little moment is like another irreplaceable puzzle piece of what makes up 'them'.
  • tell me what it is ⊰ Yuta really likes Hansol's hands. cw: semi-public sex.
  • supplication ⊰ Missing someone is a funny thing, because one second you’re distracted and feeling alright, and then a moment later the weight of their absence is suffocating, they’re so distinctly not there and you feel like you can’t breathe, can’t look at anyone, can’t even live in your own skin.
  • you belong with me ⊰ Hansol's feelings sneak up on him, making him go from wanting to bang Yuta to wanting to coddle him.
  • two for one ⊰ +taeyong. Sometimes Yuta needed more than just Hansol. Thankfully, Taeyong was a good leader.
  • first steps jaemin pov. hansol + yuta, yuta + jaemin ⊰ As he grows up, Jaemin learns that first loves rarely last.
  • all i wanna do hansol + yuta + ten ⊰ Yuta and Ten are hot as fuck and Hansol loves being able to call them his girlfriends.

hansol + jaehyun

  • i'll give you all of me ⊰ Jaehyun feels unworthy of Hansol's attention since the elder is much more experienced and thoughtful. Sometimes Jaehyun wonders if he can offer Hansol anything at all. ♡
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