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jayce, 19, they/them. feel free to call me squid, it's an online nickname that i had for a while when i was insecure about my name and i still like it.

seven stolen gourds follows:


  • spirited away
  • into the spiderverse
  • venom (2018)
  • beetlejuice
  • thor ragnarok
  • it (2017)
  • how to train your dragon (the first one)
  • kaiju movies (godzilla, pacific rim, etc)
  • the gate to the mind's eye (1994)
  • i like monster movies and movie monsters. any movie with a monster or two in it, no matter how shitty, no matter what kind of monster, i'll probably enjoy it


  • fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
  • good omens
  • gravity falls
  • over the garden wall
  • one day at a time
  • dirk gently
  • the dragon prince
  • avatar the last airbender
  • the good place
  • brooklyn 99

podcasts when i have the energy to listen to them

  • welcome to night vale
  • my brother my brother and me
  • the adventure zone (favorite arc is amnesty!)

i'm coming down with gamer disease

  • undertale/deltarune
  • night in the woods
  • spore
  • pokemon
  • terraria
  • splatoon 2
  • smash bros ultimate (toon link/pit main. i'm very bad)
  • hollow knight

web stuff & youtubers

  • paranatural
  • brian david gilbert
  • hbomberguy
  • snapcube
  • i am an avid follower of the ev nautilus youtube channel
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