☄ - contains nsfw content

☆ - all-time favourite

—ㅤ hoseok/taehyung

—ㅤ seokjin/namjoon

—ㅤ yoongi/jimin

—ㅤ others:

  • ot7
    • not what they think; oneshot; Bangtan takes care of each other, just not in the ways most people would expect.
  • seokjin/yoongi
  • hoseok/jungkook
    • breathe again; oneshot; "I want daddy to spank me until I cry."
    • like everybody else; oneshot; he probably hadn't meant to say it. had he? maybe it had just been a slip of the tongue.
    • ☆☄ nightmare; oneshot; Jungkook loved Saturday nights.
    • notion; oneshot; Jeongguk has a crush.
    • [second]; oneshot; they play a dangerous game, here.

—ㅤ member centric:

  • seokjin
    • the people you meet; + slight!seokjin/everyone; oneshot?; Six different ways Jin meets Bangtan.
  • hoseok
    • smile; drabble; Hoseok isn’t crazy. He is twelve when his mom dies in front of him, when his dad carves a smile into her pretty, pretty face for fun.
  • taehyung
    • (untitled) (first drabble); drabble; v jerking it and also smelling people's underwear in the process
  • jungkook
    • bangtan in the office; oneshot; Jeongguk's second week at work, and he's not sure if his colleagues are sane.
    • hit and run; oneshot; So apparently, Jungkook is... dead.
jun 24 2015 ∞
mar 2 2016 +