☄ - contains nsfw content





  • candid camera; oneshot; Yongguk, Himchan, Youngjae and Zelo miss out on Jongup's birthday party. But, thanks to a friend, they get to see the surprising footage that was caught on camera.
  • cedar and cinnamon; oneshot; daehyun's newfound fetish is quite problematic.
    • sequel » ☄ uncharted territory; oneshot; jongup has always thought of his roommate as the submissive type.
    • unofficial sequel » ☄ old spice; oneshot; Anticipation is another word for torture, Daehyun thinks.
  • chocolate soufflé; oneshot; in which jongup tries to master the art of cooking... among other things.
  • cocktease; oneshot; Jongup comes home to a nice surprise.
  • cravings; drabble; Only you can satisfy me, Jonguppie.
  • cuddling somewhere; drabble; It's a beautiful morning.



  • electric appeal; twoshot; Daehyun feels like a pervert but that's what happens when you're a pervert.
    • sequel » ☄ keeping it low; oneshot; Jongup has his turn and he takes Daehyun grocery shopping.


  • fake out; oneshot; Jongup looks at Daehyun’s slightly flushed face and thinks he’s beautiful, he wants to say so but instead he just settles for, “You’re pretty awesome.”
  • fight for felines; oneshot; Daehyun works at a cat café and bullies Jongup into repaying his debt with human labor.
  • friends for now; oneshot; Jongup thinks that he and Daehyun must be friends though the elder would beg to differ



  • he is and he is; drabble; daehyun is a lot of things, jongup noticed.
  • hitchhiker; drabble; Daehyun isn't really sure how he ended up in this situation.
  • holding hands; oneshot; Daehyun is a little terrified at the prospect of a date with a certain someone.


  • i love you more; oneshot; jongup loves to admire daehyun.
  • intoxicating; oneshot; it's forbidden, daehyun knows that but he just can't help it.
  • itsy bitsy; drabble; where jongup is a little bit of a shit.




  • let's make a deal; oneshot; All Jongup wants is for Daehyun to notice him and if it means trading his roommate to the Devil he'll take it.
  • lost and found; oneshot; A golden opportunity finally arises for Jung Daehyun to step up his game.
  • love you more; drabble; saturday morning.




  • of smiles and secrets; oneshot; when he's asked what he likes the most about jongup, daehyun always lies.


  • piece of cake; oneshot; Daehyun and Jongup work at a dessert cafe.
  • puddles; slight!yongguk/himchan; drabble; Jongup is on his way home when he’s caught in the rain.
    • companion » raindrops; yongguk/himchan; drabble; He hadn’t expected it to rain.
    • companion » umbrellas; youngjae/junhong; drabble; But not today.



  • red; drabble; he never made it to Grandmother's house.


  • say no; oneshot; it was happening again, he was staring from across the room.
  • school's out; oneshot; Jongup celebrates his new found freedom in an unconventional way.
  • skating rink; oneshot; jongup gives daehyun a skating lesson.
  • simple things; drabble; Jung Daehyun is having a bad day.
  • slow and deliberate; oneshot; It starts off very small, so small that Jongup doesn’t notice at first.
  • sweet dreams are made of this; oneshot; there's a fine line between dream and reality, jongup.
  • sunshine; drabble; late nights or early mornings.
  • switch on; oneshot; "You need to stop that."



  • unconventionality and its perks; oneshot; So Daehyun isn't exactly sure when he's started doing this thing, or why he's even doing it in the first place.



  • what are friends for?; friends!jongup/junhong; oneshot; Jongup wants Daehyun. Junhong wants Jongup to stop falling on him.




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