☄ - contains nsfw content

—ㅤ jaebum/youngjae/jinyoung

—ㅤ jaebum/youngjae

—ㅤ mark/jackson

—ㅤ mark/jinyoung

—ㅤ others:

  • jaebum/jinyoung
  • mark/youngjae
  • jackson/youngjae
    • a premature pickle; oneshot; he’s not exactly fond of parties per say.
    • packing; oneshot; Jackson as Youngjae's english tutor and the language barrier causes embarrassment (for them) and hilarity (for Mark).
    • someone like you; onesided; oneshot; Using a knife he grabbed from the kitchen, Jackson cuts open the envelope, revealing a folded sheet of paper. “Oh God, it’s a love letter. He wrote me a love letter.”
      • sequel » don't be afraid, it's only love; onesided; oneshot; “Why are we even talking about Youngjae,” Jackson tries to deflect. “You were saying his name in your sleep.”
      • sequel » start of something new; oneshot; “Have we been set up?” he blurts out. Youngjae chokes a bit on his food, barely keeping himself from spitting his soup in Jackson’s face.

—ㅤ member-centric:

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