☄ - contains nsfw content

☆ - all-time favourite

—ㅤ kenta/donghan

—ㅤ taehyun/sanggyun

    • christmas day; drabble; Taehyun stays behind to help Sanggyun.
    • in full bloom; drabble; sanggyun and taehyun share cuddles, kisses and laughs after they return from work; back into each other's arms.
    • open the door; oneshot; Taehyun feels a little guilty about being in JBJ, and Sanggyun tries to cheer him up in only the way Sanggyun can: by being a little freaky.
    • we dine on love; drabble; Taehyun had come up with the brilliant idea of making his boyfriend ramyeon for dinner.

—ㅤ yongguk/hyunbin

    • don't you know; oneshot; Hyunbin seems tense; Yongguk takes care of him.
dec 2 2017 ∞
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