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  • ☆☆☄ analeptik; oneshot; Some days you fuck up. Some days you fuck up a lot and it keeps you up at night. Some days you fuck up a little and fix the problem before anyone even knows something went wrong. Some days you fuck up, and then you fuck up again the next day, and the day after that, and you continue fucking up until there’s nothing left to fuck up because it’s all already fucked up. It’s one of those days.


  • bedhead; drabble; Jihoon has his morning coffee, ft. Mingyu.
  • ☆☆☆☄ bite me (that's kinda the way i like it); oneshot; Almost forty years into the life of a vampire, and Jihoon still can’t figure out how to get the actual blood sucking part done. For the successful modern-age vampire, blood and sex go hand in hand, but it’s the whole “sex” bit that Jihoon's been having some trouble with. Luck seems to finally be in his corner when he meets a Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome in a club one night, but involving himself with Kim Mingyu feels like it might be more trouble than it's worth.


  • cozy up; oneshot; Sometimes Jihoon is more parasite than vampire, and sometimes Mingyu is more garrulous than understanding. They love each other anyways.




  • ☆☆☄ feeling alright, mr lee?; oneshot; A story about a hitchhiker and a driver. And pretty much anything that could possibly happen in a car on a three day trip from Busan to Suwon.



  • height of suspicion; oneshot; Jisoo is convinced that his two favorite employees are dating, but no one will believe him.
  • hold me tight; oneshot; Jihoon works too hard. Mingyu just wants him to sleep. And maybe cuddle.
  • hot glue guns; oneshot; Jihoon poured a mint into his collection. The thought of that work being defiled in any way made him unreasonably angry. And then he met Mingyu.




  • knots in your back (arrows in my heart); drabble; Any other day and he would probably grovel on his knees for forgiveness. But for now he’ll risk overthinking every little part of their 'argument' and psychoanalyze what he did wrong. It’s for the best, anyway.


  • ☆☄ last comes the heart; chaptered; Jihoon and Mingyu are only hooking up for fun-- just to blow off steam-- and neither of them are looking for anything serious. Right? Right.
  • let's go home; oneshot; (no description)





  • play ugly; oneshot; It’s no secret to anyone that Jihoon isn’t a big fan of being in charge of people. He carries the title of “leader” like a piece of too-big clothing, it’s never really sat right on his shoulders.



  • raindrops (keep falling on my head); oneshot; It’s raining outside, Mingyu hates getting wet, and Jihoon is the only one with an umbrella.
  • red gym shorts; drabble; ‘I found you stuck in the toilet because you ripped your pants ok so I had to lend you my gym shorts and it looks so funny on you I can’t breathe’ AU


  • shots; oneshot; Every week they gather in Jihoon and Soonyoung's apartment to hang out and drink. During one of their weekly adventures in inebriation, Jihoon realizes that he may have overdone it with the alcohol the week before.


  • tarot; oneshot; How the ocean falls in love with the world after the apocalypse.
  • the sandwich thief; oneshot; Someone keeps stealing Jihoon's gourmet sandwiches.
  • to catch a catfish; twoshot; cat·fish /ˈkatˌfiSH/ (verb) to lure someone into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona


  • up in the air; oneshot; At a post-win celebration with his friends, Mingyu starts seeing Jihoon in a different light.





  • you're a symphony, i'm just a sour note; drabble; It's New Year's eve and instead of staying cooped up in the comfort of their own apartment, Mingyu decides to drag Jihoon to their friend Junhui's not-so-comfortable new year's party.


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