• (untitled) (third drabble); drabble; "i promise i’m not hitting on you but you smell really good"
  • (untitled) (fifth drabble); drabble; Seokjin waits until after Namjoon has uploaded his latest track to their website to approach, the same way he approaches the neighborhood cat when he offers it breakfast scraps- cautious, as if Namjoon might run away.
  • (untitled); drabble; Namjoon’s never been the most graceful of people.
  • (untitled); oneshot; “Yes,” he rubbed circles on the back of Seokjin’s hand, “I’ll be gone for three months.”
  • (untitled); drabble; namjoon wasn’t often like this.
  • (untitled); drabble; seokjin wanted rough.
  • (untitled); oneshot; where namjoon falls in love with who he thinks is the father of one of the kids he takes care of, without knowing that jin is actually jungkooks brother, not his father.
  • (untitled); oneshot; where namjoon falls in love with who he thinks is the father of one of the kids he takes care of, without knowing that jin is actually jungkooks brother, not his father.
  • 11:11; oneshot; "When you wish upon a star, It's actually a satellite, and your wish has been recorded and cataloged. An agent is now assigned to your case."


  • a wonderful institution; + yoongi/jimin; chaptered; Kim Seokjin is a wedding caterer. Kim Namjoon is a wedding planner. Both of them think marriage is a societal construct with no place in modern life. Neither of them would know Real Love if it came up to them at a wedding and made a wager.
  • about your kindness; oneshot; Seokjin's fingers are warm and Namjoon's mind is a mess.
  • addicted to the way you move; drabble; they’d never meant to let things go as far as it did, had never meant to let it carry on after just that one time.
  • allure; oneshot; Class President, Kim Nam Joon, has the imposing charismatic air that someone of his status should have, so why does Seokjin always challenge him?
  • an interruption; oneshot; Namjoon needs to focus, but Jin has other ideas. Also how difficult is it to be emotionless while discreetly getting head under a desk? Kim Namjoon is about to find out.
  • aren't you scared; oneshot; namjoon is in love. he’s been talking to an almost-stranger for probably, like, ten minutes, he is most definitely not drunk, he’s sweating too much under an absurd amount of toilet paper, and he forgot just how bad his hormones like to kick up when he’s had just enough alcohol in his system.
  • at the end of the line; oneshot; namjoon watches silently as the city scenery whizzes on by.
  • autumn leaves; twoshot; What can you do when the only person you’re fated to love truly and deeply for the rest of your life can hardly stand looking at you?



  • candy is sweet (but it isn't as sweet as you); oneshot; Namjoon goes to the movies to see age of ultron and keeps coming back for the cute boy behind the snack counter.
  • coffee; drabble; it's a weekly thing.
  • color my heart (like that red sunset); oneshot; Leaving Ilsan meant leaving his friends and family behind, and Namjoon has never really been good at being alone. Due to the staggering statistics about the suicide rate in Korea, several universities have instituted a ‘Phone a Friend’ hotline, where students can talk to other students about their problems. There he finds solace in the warmth of a boy’s soothing voice, his raucous laughter, and the obsessive excitement he has towards the topic of food.


  • defective hands; oneshot; It’s 2 in the morning when Namjoon comes to the conclusion that his hands are defective. They know no in between. They’re too hot, too cold, too forceful and even too soft. But Jin doesn't think so.


  • elevatorway to heaven; oneshot; Somehow Namjoon knew he shouldn’t have taken the elevator that day.
  • equillibrium; drabble; namjoon is a boy, namjoon is a girl.
  • every step leads to you; oneshot; Seokjin is an awkward student with a dumb crush on the snail-rescuing stranger he almost ran over.


  • familiar territory; oneshot; Namjoon always lets them get to him.
  • feels like home; oneshot; San Francisco isn't perfect but Seokjin likes it well enough.
  • fictitious; oneshot; finally home.
  • fifty-seven; drabble; Seokjin watched as the person he devoted his life to closed his eyes for the last time.
  • first kick drum, second snare drum; + taehyung/jungkook; oneshot; Namjoon is Taehyung's adoptive father, and spends so long worrying about Taehyung that he forgets how to worry about himself.
  • first words; drabble; They meet at the same bus stop every day, but never talk.
  • flower boys over flowers; oneshot; Jin works at a flower shop and Namjoon loves flower boys.
  • flower shop tattoo boy; oneshot; Seokjin absolutely hates the blond Mohawk that he sees walking through his flower shop. He also hates the fact that it belongs to the attractive tattoo shop owner who works next door.


  • girls; oneshot; Hoseok causes problems, Nam Joon doesn't mind solving this one.


  • high high; oneshot; Namjoon should have never trusted the elevator.
  • home (with me); drabble; “Fine,” he says, “But on two conditions.”
  • hot in here; oneshot; Finals are finished, school's out, and everyone is falling asleep after a long day of celebration, but Seokjin and Namjoon decide it's a perfect time to sneak away for a shared shower.
  • hot tub; drabble; “hot tub machine!” namjoon repeats, with a bit more gusto as he spreads his arms out wide in front of the brand new hot tub machine now sitting front and center of their backyard.


  • i dream in the shape of your mouth; twoshot; Fuck Hoseok.
  • i'm an animal (watch me on the floor); oneshot; Seokjin bites down on his lip as he grinds down in Namjoon's lap and shit, Seokjin may not be a dancer, but his hips are working hella fine right now, Namjoon thinks wildly, digging fingers into Seokjin's hips and hearing him gasp.
  • inked flower; chaptered; With the disdain towards each other’s shops, it was inevitable for them to start forming a disdain for each other.
  • it's your special day!; oneshot; Seokjin attempts to brighten up Namjoon's birthday.





  • make you mine; oneshot; “i said no,” seokjin whines, reaching over his shoulder to gently shove at namjoon’s cheek to brush him off. “i am a classy young man, not some horny teenager looking for a quick fuck.”
  • momentum; oneshot; This is what happens when stars explode and implode and fall into themselves, collapsing and rebuilding.
  • mornings; drabble; Mornings are important to Namjoon. They're his favorite.
  • my heart isn't bulletproof; oneshot; The taste of copper fills Namjoon’s mouth when he bites his lips down hard to keep from moaning. His face is scrunched up with disgust at the burning sensation in his belly. He isn’t supposed to like this, he thinks, thrusting into Seokjin’s open and willing mouth, he’s supposed to hate him.


  • not jealous; oneshot; He knew that coming along with Namjoon for his friend’s birthday was going to go like this.


  • our family; oneshot; Time flies by, but rarely anything changes.
  • out of focus; drabble; where Namjoon is a pirate and Seokjin has a tail.


  • pack mentality; oneshot; Namjoon is possessive.
  • porcelain; drabble; The porcelain doll, they called him.
    • prequel » red bullet; seokjin-centric; drabble; Seokjin supposes he’s one of the lucky ones.
  • power struggle; oneshot; A heated argument between Jin and Namjoon leaves them with a score to settle.
  • punning on heaven's door; oneshot; “Excuse me to not to be in the mood when all you can literally do during sexy times is thinking of terrible puns.”



  • repairs; oneshot; Seokjin gets injured and Namjoon's there to fix him.
  • repeat offender; oneshot; Namjoon has a habit of getting into accidents and Seokjin has a habit of being the nurse who cleans up after him.


  • same difference; drabble; Seokjin wonders if it’s normal to be this curious about a stranger.
  • secret recipe; oneshot; Plenty of people read Jin's blog, thank you very much.
  • skipping dinner (first drabble); drabble; Of course, he blames Seokjin. Who looks that good after a long, tiring day, Namjoon remembers thinking.
  • sick; oneshot; Namjoon’s nickname had been Perses since before he could even remember.
  • stars; drabble; a night before their debut.
  • started from the bottom now we here (getting flustered over cute boys sleeping under tables); oneshot; It’s my turn to open up the café today and you were sleeping under one of the tables when I came in and I don’t know what to say so I’m just awkwardly sweeping around you AU
  • stay made of lightning; oneshot; When their manager told them they were going on vacation, everyone was predictably thrilled.
  • strappin' it down; oneshot; “so this is your idea of fun?” namjoon rattles the cuffs chaining his wrists to either bed posts.
  • sunburst; oneshot; namjoon and seokjin have sex for the first time.


  • take care; drabble; where one of them gets hungover and the other takes care of them and they realize they’re more than just roommates.
  • teenage rumble; drabble; namjoon gets in trouble for another student.
  • the mark of an educated mind; oneshot; At three o'clock in the morning after he'd been working for ten hours straight and everything he touched came out wrong and all his words were stilted and clumsy and all his music was rough and tangled... for some ungodly reason Kim Namjoon opened up a new browser window, typed bangtan sonyeondan fan fiction into the search bar, and then (god) hit enter.
    • sequel » celebrity crush; chaptered; Right now Namjoon was exhausted and he'd been saying rude shit and he kept snapping at Taehyung and then they'd had to sit through that interview ("Who's your celebrity crush?") and Seokjin had tried making a joke ("Rap Monster," he'd said, thinking he was being clever) and even as everyone around them cracked up the look that had flashed through Namjoon's eyes belied something that looked almost brittle.
  • the moral assumptiveness of human liberalism; drabble; Namjoon does homework. Seokjin is a distraction.
  • the release of everyone; oneshot; Namjoon is trying to figure out what is missing and Jin helps him find it.
  • the only time (i'd ever call you mine); oneshot; "Tell your friend not to lose sleep over someone like Namjoon."
  • the sky wore a veil of gold and gray; oneshot; Because playing in the rain is always a good idea.
  • the stars will be shining for you, my dear; oneshot; Seokjin feels too deeply and Namjoon too fleetingly, together they try to crash without burning.
  • tootsie rolls; oneshot; Namjoon doesn't know how he got roped into trick or treating with Hoseok but he finds himself walking down streets with pocketful of candy he hates.
  • trouble in paradise; oneshot; Bangtan have to do a cute concept, which isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds.


  • underground; oneshot; The group has a day off so they decide to visit their old roaming grounds in the underground. They end up regretting it, especially Namjoon.
  • unorthodox study methods; oneshot; Namjoon glances sceptically over the rim of his sunglasses, eyebrow shooting up in question. “Trust me, I don’t think you want me tutoring you.”



  • watch me fly; drabble; seokjin is a guardian angel while namjoon lives up in the clouds.
  • when the sky falls; chaptered; Namjoon was the fresh air Seokjin needed to keep him breathing.
  • whiskers; drabble; Namjoon likes it when Seokjin shaves, and he likes it when he doesn't.
  • wide awake; oneshot; It started off as two strangers studying at the same table, but then the other decided to pass out on his books. And hey, would you look at that, he’s pretty damn good looking!




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