☄ - contains nsfw content

☆ - favourite rating

—ㅤ seungkwan/hansol

—ㅤ jihoon/mingyu

—ㅤ wonwoo/junhui

—ㅤ soonyoung/seokmin

—ㅤ jeonghan/minghao

—ㅤ seungcheol/jisoo

—ㅤ ot3

  • seungcheol/jeonghan/jisoo
    • orchid, azure, tangerine; oneshot; yoon jeonghan is purple / choi seungcheol is blue / hong joshua is orange / together they make up every time of the day
    • you think i'm wrong (i know i'm right); oneshot; Jeonghan and Jisoo fight like two annoyed cats circling around each other, petulantly hissing, and Seungcheol wishes he wasn’t used to it.
    • ☆☆☆☄ we blend into my favourite color; oneshot; Seungcheol isn't counting on having a crush on both Jeonghan and Jisoo, but as it turns out, Jeonghan and Jisoo don't mind.
    • drift away; drabble; Jisoo’s not sure where his place is anymore.

—ㅤ seungcheol/jeonghan

—ㅤ jisoo/mingyu

—ㅤ jisoo/minghao

  • sand in my shoes; oneshot; You might not always think that sunscreen is what romance smells like. Most of the time, you're probably right.

—ㅤ soonyoung/wonwoo

  • ☆☆ liminal; oneshot; Wonwoo meets Soonyoung somewhere between imagination and reality.

—ㅤ seokmin/minghao

  • ☆☄ sun of the morning; oneshot; Seokmin is forced to move out of his room in the dorms for a few days and ends up sharing more than just a bed with Minghao.
feb 21 2018 ∞
oct 22 2018 +