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  • [untitled]; drabble; “The skirt is short on purpose.”


  • a little swimming fool; oneshot; Seokmin thinks he has most of his life figured out. His days, while varied, have a familiar rhythm to them that he could easily keep with. That is, until he meets a mysterious underwater prince. From then on, his grasp of reality starts to waver, as does his heart.
  • ☆☆☆ a sky filled; oneshot, companion to until the sky breaks; When Soonyoung's nervous and Seokmin's remarkable.
  • ☆☆ astrophyllite; oneshot; in which soonyoung just wants to play the saxophone but seokmin, that guy he's hated basically his entire life, decides to play with his heart. he struggles his way through life, thoughts and senior year of high school along with his best friends who may or may not be dating each other.


  • b-i-n-g-oh!; oneshot; What could possibly happen when two teenage boys are recording themselves while playing innuendo bingo?


  • ☆☆☄ can't get off, can't get over; oneshot; “You know, Soonyoung is pretty cool. He doesn’t look like someone who’d be bad at sex.” Mingyu pauses, contemplative. “Then again, Seokmin doesn’t look like someone who’d be a horndog."



  • ☆☆☆ early summer; oneshot; in which soonyoung and wonwoo feel like they're wasting their summer in their rooms being hopeless virgins, so they go to the library. that's when soonyoung runs into seokmin – whose current only occupation is trying to write something good enough to win a competition – and decides that, this summer, he's going to do everything he can to win this stranger at the library's heart.


  • ☆☄ fool's gold; chaptered; Soonyoung is tired of his parents setting him up on blind dates and turns to his best friend for help.



  • ☆☆☆ help! i've been bitten by a (radioactive) spider; oneshot; Maybe the homicidal felon is right. Soonyoung has bigger problems. He has a city to save, and he’s having boy problems?
  • ☆☄ hypnosis; oneshot; It’s not that Soonyoung is ashamed of what he does. He enjoys it, most of the time— he loves dancing, he likes feeling sexy. But, having someone who’s only ever seen him in a mundane context… someone he has a crush on being suddenly introduced to his job like this is stressful, to say the least.





  • ☆☆ like ooh-ahh; oneshot; Seokmin's five-year streak of avoiding every sport known by mankind is broken when he joins Soonyoung's volleyball club. It's either the best or the worst decision he's ever made.



  • northern lights; oneshot; Maybe Seokmin’s just about mad at how dangerous it is to follow Soonyoung across the rooftops. Or maybe he’s just mad about Soonyoung.


  • over and over again; oneshot; Soonyoung has the easiest time finding his soulmate - running into him in the hallway at age nine kind of speeds things along. Nothing after that, though, is anywhere near as simple.





  • so kiss me (and i'll kiss you too); oneshot; Soonyoung matters to him and that's all there is to it.
  • sunshine in your smile; chaptered; Lee Seokmin has never really hated much of anything, but he absolutely despises Saturdays. Kwon Soonyoung says he likes a lot of things, but it’s no secret that he absolutely loves Saturdays.
  • sweet crazy love; oneshot; The problem that Seokmin is currently wrestling with, outside of the certainty that Soonyoung is genuinely trying to kill him, is what he knows Soonyoung has on underneath his neat outfit.


  • tastebuds (and photos of you); oneshot; Soonyoung is too sweet for Seokmin, which is ironic since Seokmin tastes a fiery spice when he thinks of him.
  • ☆☆☆ thanks a latte; oneshot; In a world where it is nigh impossible for a barista to spell another person's name correctly, the one whose name they do is said to be the person who understands them the most, their destined one, their perfect match, their soulmate.
  • ☆☄ the ex factor; oneshot; They broke up. Again. For the 923478329429th time. This one’s for real though.
  • ☆☆ these ordinary days; oneshot; Soonyoung doesn’t want to put a name to the feeling, but he knows where it comes from.
  • to associate closely; oneshot; Seokmin and Soonyoung have always been part of a set, and they explore just what that means.




  • we're like two halves of one heart; oneshot; Seokmin thinks Soonyoung doesn’t know just how much of a stranglehold he has over Seokmin’s heart. But he’s wrong— Soonyoung has at least a bit of an idea. / Soonyoung is pretty sure Seokmin isn’t aware how his very smile can pick Soonyoung apart and untether his sewn edges. And he’s entirely right.



  • ☆☆ you know i dreamed about you; oneshot; It's through pure chance that he gets to meet Seungkwan's group member Hoshi, who turns out to be as much of a fan of Seokmin as Seokmin is of him.
  • ☆☆ your place in blue; oneshot; Some people would be overjoyed at the chance to work with a life model. Seokmin is not one of them.
  • ☆☆☆ yours, mine, and ours; oneshot; Six months after the death of Soonyoung’s wife, Seokmin moves in with his newly-widowed best friend to help take care of his two kids.


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