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  • (untitled); oneshot; Taehyung’s mate went in to heat and he needed to take care of him.
  • (untitled); drabble; the boys play truth and dare, and taehyung and [j-hope] are dared to kiss again.
  • (untitled); oneshot; Sometimes Taehyung messes around with Hoseok.
  • (untitled); drabble; “Are you interested in the dance club?”
  • 피터팬; oneshot; No matter what, Taehyung and Hoseok seal everything with a promise- a pinky swear, to be precise.
  • 6:45 PM; oneshot; Taehyung wasn’t quite sure how he ended up precariously balancing a bundle of yoga mats so they wouldn’t tumble off the shelf and all over him, watching a boy in a mask dance through a slight crack in the doorway.


  • always; chaptered; Taehyung and Hoseok have been best friends for longer than either can remember, spending every day together.
    • sequel » ☄ always & forever; chaptered; Hoseok and Taehyung have one last mountain to climb.
  • an explanation for why suga was so into his bandmates kissing; + yoongi-centric; oneshot; Trying to figure out why Suga was so completely involved the J-Hope/V kiss on Channel Bangtan.
  • anhelo; drabble; Strong desire to achieve something.
  • attractive roommates and no refunds; oneshot; Taehyung looks up from the television in front of him and nearly spits out his cereal when he sees Hoseok casually walking into the living room in nothing but his black boxers and beautiful bed hair.


  • bandmates kissing rule book; oneshot; No one really expects him to be next in line to knock down the jenga tower, but everyone expects him to kiss Taehyung.
  • bleed you out; oneshot; Hoseok picks Taehyung up every time he falls.
  • boy, you've got it; drabble; Ever since they had all watched their mini featured show “Go!BTS” on MNET’s Youtube channel on Jin’s shitty laptop, Hoseok can’t help but remember the small segment of “TaeTae’s Cam” and Taehyung practically having an orgasm over his ‘sexy leg’.
  • burn out; oneshot; Taehyung isn't as good at hiding his feelings as he thinks.


  • casual affair; oneshot; The idea of a movie night sounded perfectly fine when they finished up ‘Danger’ dance practice, but now with half an hour into the movie, Hoseok can’t keep his line of vision on the television but just inches below it, on Taehyung.
  • chasing stars (one) (two); twoshot; In which Hoseok has his head in the stars and Taehyung is in love with the Earth.
  • chinese takeout; drabble; The thing with Taehyung was that he had some kind of an ego complex, a big one, and he was all tough shit and pride when deep down, he loved Hoseok and Hoseok’s sleeping face in the morning with his mouth slightly open and Hoseok when he’d grab his elbow on their way to the stage or the feeling of Hoseok’s collarbone against his cheek.
  • clear skies; oneshot; There's always the calm before the storm.
    • (sequel) » storm clouds; oneshot; Of course, as is the general rule in the BTS dorm rooms, things don’t stay calm for long.
  • come back to my arms; oneshot; Hoseok has morning breath, Taehyung is being clingy.
  • crashed; oneshot; in which taehyung crash landed his way into hoseok’s heart. literally.
  • crossing frontiers; oneshot; Jung Hoseok wished he should have been born an invalid.


  • distractions; oneshot; It's difficult, though, to not be distracted by Hoseok's lips.


  • escapism; oneshot; four days of summer might be just enough for an escape.
  • exclusive; oneshot; When Yoongi and Jimin question Hoseok's "relationship" with Taehyung.
  • extraordinary; oneshot; Some things just aren't as they seem.


  • for what it's worth; drabble; Hoseok loves Jimin, and Taehyung loves Hoseok, and Jimin loves Taehyung, and Taehyung loves Jimin, and everyone in Bangtan loves each other. But Hoseok adored Jimin, not him.
  • fragile teeth, tiny wings; oneshot; It's the kind of knowing that happens in dreams, except he is the realest thing Taehyung has seen in his life, and his last life and the next.
  • from my floating ribs to yours; oneshot; floa-ting ribs: noun. 1. any of the lower ribs that are not attached directly to the breastbone, do not offer any protection to the chest/heart area.


  • gateway error (you're too hazardous for my heart baby); drabble; for the goddamn last time, taehyung swears he's not in love with hoseok. it's just that he likes watching his hyung dance— or do anything even —a little too much.
  • good morning; oneshot; Hoseok likes to wake Taehyung up in the most unorthodox ways.
  • green; oneshot; Taehyung struggles with the green seeping into his heart.


  • half the victory; oneshot; V is a conniving little shit, and Hoseok knows better than to underestimate him.
    • (sequel) » alias; drabble; Word on the streets is that they’re a bunch of drop outs from school trying to start a revolution by defying the country’s education system.
  • hanging upside down; oneshot; Taehyung has the hots for his boss.
    • (sequel) » cadence of beating hearts; oneshot; Hoseok is gentle and too much all at once, but Taehyung loves the way his fingers trail along his skin with a feather soft tenderness.
  • [he] can stay the night (sequel to saving people, hunting things, the family business); oneshot; Taehyung is just beginning his mission that all witches and warlocks take after high school, but he runs into a little trouble. Luckily for him, Hoseok saves the day. Or was it the cats?
    • (sequel) » son of a b—; + yoongi/jimin; oneshot; It’s times like these that Hoseok likes to remind Yoongi what a treasure Jimin truly is. But since the rude fuck is making a mess of his kitchen, Hoseok settles for grinning back at Jimin.
  • hey jupiter; oneshot; "Hyung couldn't sleep," Taehyung says, by way of explanation.
  • hold my hand (before my heart erupts); drabble; Sometimes he helps Hoseok pull his shirt over his head, fingers lingering on the warm skin of his body like a pianist. He thinks Hoseok is a masterpiece he could play over and over until his nails wore down.
  • hot air, cool breath (baby, you should've kissed me sooner); oneshot; Hoseok and Taehyung lock themselves away on a rainy day.


  • i feel like a postcard (i wish you were here); oneshot; Hoseok likes to blame a lot of things on lack of sleep. But, he supposes, it wouldn't be entirely fair to blame it on lack of sleep alone. It was also Taehyung's fault. And Jimin's. Mostly Jimin's. He was the one that started this whole mess, after all.
  • i need u; oneshot; Sometimes, Hoseok has déja vu and swears on his life he’s met Taehyung before, but the aforementioned boy knows far too well that trying to explain will only leave him with a heavy heart and empty hands.
  • i'm doing it again these days; oneshot; V is a weird little shit and Jhope is done with everything.
  • i'm not trying to hurt you (i just love to speak); oneshot; It isn’t so much annoyance as it is jealousy when he watches Hoseok throw himself all over Jimin, but it’s enough for Taehyung to devise a detailed plan on getting his revenge on Hoseok.
  • in bloom; oneshot; Hoseok works at a flower shop and Taehyung buys dead plants.
  • introductions and movies (sequel to snap); + yoongi/jimin; oneshot; Taehyung doesn't know what to think of Hoseok when they first meet.




  • let's not make it harder (than it has to be); oneshot; Hoseok is oblivious.
    • (sequel) » swollen tongue; oneshot; It’s been a week since Taehyung had finally “confessed” to Hoseok, and to say the least, things went right back to normal in such an overly normal way that it felt awkward.
  • like a milli; oneshot; Taehyung runs for student council against the love of her life, Jung Hoseok.
  • love is a work in progress, indefinitely; oneshot; Nobody looks at Taehyung oddly, nobody comments on how far out to lunch he is the following day. He puts his shirt on backwards, tries to eat cereal with chopsticks, and forgets the choreo to at least six of their songs during the first run through of each. Either they think this is all typical Taehyung spacey-ness or they've collectively decided to Not Say Anything about what went down yesterday.


  • métro; drabble; vhope on the train together.
  • moon bird kiss; oneshot; And Hoseok stares at the blues and purples and blacks, and he thinks it blooms like his love for Taehyung, hitting him hard at first then spreading through his body and leaving it’s mark.
  • moonlight; drabble; the first time hoseok had kissed him it was dusk.


  • no matter where we are; + jimin/jungkook; oneshot; Hoseok and Jeongguk are searching, Taehyung and Jimin have the answers, and all the signs point back home.
  • no other show like it 'round here; oneshot; Hoseok wasn’t even going to stage manage this year - and now he’s responsible for some weird kid who can’t remember his lines.
  • no returns; oneshot; In which Hoseok learns he needs to wait after knocking.


  • of clocks and river sharks; oneshot; he's pretty sure this isn't a healthy thing for him, being alone in long erratic moments in time. it’s always been like this— spending hours, weeks, in a stand-still world where it was possible to snatch water droplets from the air, to shove straws up people’s noses without them ever knowing how they got there. he dealt with it in his own way.
  • of meadows and sunshine; oneshot; he lived in his own world. one where flowers bloomed with each breath and colors tasted as sweet as candy drops.
  • off to the races; oneshot; If he had to guess, though, a lithe, brown haired dancer had to be what made him want so badly to burn himself to a crisp.
  • only you, i love; oneshot; At some point, Taehyung pulls the blanket over their heads, blocking the sunlight out for the most part. But it’s not too dark under there that he can’t make out Hoseok’s face. Hoseok has his own source of sunshine, anyways.


  • play with me; oneshot; Taehyung is needy and bored to put it simply, and his fingers are itching to do something. He thinks boredom is a terrible thing for hormonal teenage boys.
  • please, please...; oneshot; A faint blush creeps across Taehyung’s cheeks as he traces the lines of Hoseok’s face. He’s caressing lovingly, eyes trained on his mouth. “I need you,” he whispers.
  • punch drunk crush; oneshot; Hoseok wants to play drinking games and Taehyung can't bring himself to say no.


  • quick learner; oneshot; Hoseok and Taehyung play seven minutes in heaven.


  • rainbow veins; oneshot; And on other nights, after short gaming sessions, they would forget to remove their headsets, and Taehyung would tell him about the lines in his palms and press it up to the screen where Hoseok could see only a pixelated version of his beautiful hands.
  • really, baby (i will be just fine); oneshot; Hoseok is a lifeguard with a strict diet and workout regime. Taehyung works at Larkburger and eats like a slob.
  • redo; oneshot; Hoseok was never in the mood to cuddle anymore, and often fell asleep before Taehyung was even in bed. But that was alright. Tonight he had a plan to fix all of that.
  • resistance; oneshot; Hoseok really doesn't think he needs a tutor.
  • rituals; oneshot; And it's not as if Taehyung doesn't want Hoseok, he's just nervous, afraid to tell him of the full moon, eyes dusted with fear as he stares into sparkling water.
  • rooftop; oneshot; Taehyung and Hoseok spend their evening in the most productive way they know how.
  • rules of fine dining; drabble; in other words, hoseok is a gentleman.


  • shower time?; drabble; A sleepy morning.
  • shut up & dance with me; oneshot; Intimate contact with his modeling partners normally wasn’t an issue for Taehyung, but there was something different about this situation that made his head dizzy and fingers tingly.
  • sinful gaze; oneshot; Hoseok wants to spice up their love life.
  • still in love; drabble; "Let me take you home. You've waited long enough."
  • stranger by the door; oneshot; "i accidentally broke into your house/apartment because my friend lives next door to you and i was in the area, drunk, and i thought i was climbing into the right window and falling asleep on the right couch (and i did wonder when my friend got a dog but i didn't question it) so now i'm hungover and shirtless in your living room so um hi howya doin"
  • sun; drabble; 'why do you dance?'
  • swimming with the stars (until we drown); + yoongi/jimin; chaptered; He doesn’t know how it began or why they had been okay with it, but somewhere in the mess, Hoseok lets Taehyung feed on his blood whenever the animal blood isn't enough.
  • synthesis reaction; oneshot; n., the combining of separate elements or substances to form a coherent whole.


  • tae; oneshot; When Hoseok and Taehyung dance more than just Milkshakes are brought to the yard.
  • the bet; + yoongi/jimin; oneshot; It's a terrible idea, but somehow Taehyung and Jimin find themselves agreeing to the bet without an ounce of regret.
  • the night is sparkling; oneshot; “hey, i heard they're planning to get hoseok-hyung's hair back to black.”
  • the stray; oneshot; Hoseok decides to adopt a pet, and Taehyung needs a place to stay. This isn't what Hoseok had in mind.
  • three in the morning; drabble; taehyung sways through the throng of swaying bodies, aimlessly wandering towards an open spot on the dance floor.
  • too hot; oneshot; Taehyung discovers a new game to play with J-Hope.
  • true colors; oneshot; Hoseok struggles to understand their true self. Taehyung just wants to leave the world behind.
  • truth or dare; oneshot; Hoseok and Taehyung are forced to kiss, again.




  • wanderer's teahouse; chaptered; Taehyung, a habitual coffee drinker, owns a teashop.
  • want to hold your hand; oneshot; Taehyung drags Hoseok along with him for a holiday weekend at a ski lodge.
  • warm colour cool colour; oneshot; "I want to see what you do when you're out so long."
  • what's inside the closet; drabble; Hoseok is a monster who's afraid of humans (Monster's Inc. AU).
  • whatever we want to be; oneshot; Hoseok is Taehyung's soulmate, and they both like it this way.
  • white; oneshot; He finds himself staring at the walls of his cubicle, so white that he imagines the milky way and the stars spinning pirouettes in the monotonous white.
  • with you; oneshot; The (hotel) room may have been small, and the linen sheets not as soft and pillowy as the ones back at the dorm, but it was intimate and it was theirs.
  • wordpainter; drabble; reading never tasted so sweet.




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