jinwoo x minho

  • of skirts and stockings: Mino can’t stop thinking about Kim Jinwoo and his butt wrapped in a black skirt.
  • spring, stone-breakers and fallen angel: If he knew he would be falling in love with an angel, Mino would have searched for him harder and found him sooner.
  • catch of the day: Mino goes fishing and catches a mermaid.
  • i am today (one) (two) (three): His eyes catch a sign right next the entrance that reads: ‘Help Wanted. Night entertainment for weekdays. Please contact the owner for more details on auditions.’

seunghoon x seungyoon

  • on screen: Seunghoon is a great actress, a real pro, especially when her rival is around.
jun 6 2015 ∞
jun 10 2015 +