• SHSL I <3 Hajime
  • Call me Darkie!
  • 26, dfab gendervoid, ey/em/eir (or zey/zem/zer)
  • aroace lesbian (but it's complicated)
  • I have some form of DID, but my alters/headmates rarely come out tbh
  • Ohio, USA (-5 GMT, EDT)
  • Not neurotypical, very mentally ill and somewhat physically fricked-up
  • White and not quite?? intersex
  • Unemployed and unable to work
  • Leo/Virgo, ISFP/J, Chaotic Neutral
  • Dual dark/ghost type Pokemon
  • I have too many kins but who's counting
  • I watch/play too many shows/youtubers/games
  • I love purple, blue, and red+black
  • RT heavy (I almost never talk, like 97% of my tweets are retweets) so just enjoy the fanart!
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oct 25 2018 +

Main interests: (the things I'm into the most, may take the back burner to other things and can shift in intensity but they are my most favorite things of all-time)

  • Danganronpa (#1 obsession since June 2018, get ready for lots of hope and despair y'all)
  • Ace Attorney
  • Persona
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (fan since early 2001, fluctuates in-and-out the most, but will never completely leave me)

Current interests: (special interests/obsessions atm)

  • none, really? this is weird

Other interests: (not as high as the others, but important to me rn)

  • Sly Cooper series
  • Kirby series
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oct 9 2018 +

I get different degrees of uncomfy by several things so depending on the severity I either just won't follow back or will block/soft block depending on that. If anything about me makes you uncomfy or whatever, feel free to do the same, it's no hard feelings. Otherwise whether or not you follow/interact with me is up to you.


- If you can tag this stuff, I really appreciate it

  • child abuse / spanking / hating on kids
  • calling children/teenagers "brat"
  • abusive relationships
  • rape / csa
  • (abusive) fathers / father's day
  • blood / body/eye horror / gore / scary/creepy things in general
  • things inside ears / hearing loss / ear problems in general
  • underwater things
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