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list of our alters! we also use this to sort out new alters, so it might not be 100% complete and not always make sense

the sidekicks follows:
  • unaligned interests: over the garden wall (marsh????), english history, shadow of the colossus, smite, league of legends, final fantasy 15, assassin's creed, splatoon, undertale, card games, lego star wars, horizon zero dawn, mass effect, the last of us, chess, crossword puzzles, crafts, gardening, languages, photography, robotics, video editing, clouds, astrology, comics, astronomy, calligraphy, film-making, floristry, jigsaw puzzles, knitting, cars, musicals, parrots, sign language, snakes, tarot, coding, dolls, crystals, dinosaurs, horseriding, sword games, over the garden wall, musicals, dinosaurs, horseriding, undertale, teen wolf, kingdom hearts, game of thrones, the amazing world of gumball, ace attorney, in the flesh, power rangers, hannibal, hemlock grove??
  • overwatch mains: mercy, dva, reaper, lucio, symmetra, sombra, reinhardt, moira, ba...
nov 2 2018 ∞
nov 12 2018 +
  • aka tali
  • tumblr is @awkwardquarian
  • quarian alien; tali'zorah nar rayya fictive (mass effect); kins leliana (dragon age), and also oh (from the home cartoon movie) when small
  • adult. at least 20?? ageslides to teenager/child(?), kind of babytalks during those times and uses weird words/bad english + is worried about everything
  • she/her, demigirl?? at least partly a girl
  • bisexual, polyam, dating @icenibrigantes
  • likes: coding, technology, overwatch (??? dunno what she mains)(rambles nonstop when playing), violent action games, robotics, weapons, assassins creed, video editing, astronomy, astrology, 'human witch-crafty things', photography
  • personality: really naive and in awe of everything, doesnt like getting out of her...
nov 11 2018 ∞
nov 13 2018 +
  • tumblr is @goryroyalty
  • wrath demon; ragnar (vikings) fictive. kins nick (l4d2), lisbeth (girl with the dragon tattoo), bucky barnes, quicksilver (xmen)
  • 26 years old
  • he/him, nonbinary guy
  • gay (only into men), single, polyamorous
  • spec interests // likes: the 100 (tv), devilman crybaby (anime), vikings (tv), twdg (game) // crime tv shows, purple aes, knives, weapons, horror, zombies, monsters, wolves, the last of us
  • personality: wears mostly all-black. very cocky. swears too much. aggressively friendly/flirty but always ready to defend himself. always feels powerful no matter what & very comfortable socially 24h, but always either thinks hes an evil, dangerous asshole (laughs at it 24/7 in those, but actually hates himself), or that hes t...
oct 26 2018 ∞
nov 13 2018 +
  • alien; holtzmann (ghostbusters) fictive
  • tumblr is @holtzbuster ; peach is @holtzy
  • AKA holtz (only if youre friends), dont use their first name (jillian) unless youre dating them
  • 30 years old
  • they/them only, 100% nonbinary, not feminine or masc at all
  • aromantic + asexual, doesnt mind casual romance things but not attracted; not into relationships at all
  • spec interests // likes: clouds, bugs, the x-files, x-men, paranormal conspiracies // cooking, storms, sunflowers, cars, explosions, space, magick/witchcraft
  • personality: unpredictable. kind of quiet. randomly flirty. easily bored. always chill/relaxed. will 100% kiss ur cheek and give you weird gifts they found on the ground
sep 11 2018 ∞
nov 10 2018 +
  • l4d2 keith fictive; kins dipper (gravity falls), ness (mother game)
  • tumblr is @teencowboyz
  • 15 years young, might ageslide to younger??
  • he/him, boy
  • gay, taken by fisher (his tumblr is @bugcheer)
  • spec interests // likes: nature, forests, farming games (harvest moon, acnl, etc), a:tla, ratchet & clank, paddington (movie), peter rabbit, gravity falls, club penguin, farm animals (cows, chickens), cottagecore, tales from the borderlands
  • personality: cuddly, really shy but overwhelmingly friendly, tends to be quiet until you initiate talking but will follow you around like a puppy and look at whatever you do and be visibly happy to be around people, does cheesy puns/jokes, card games
sep 19 2018 ∞
nov 13 2018 +
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we're the sidekicks!!

  • physically 21 years old
  • charlie is our "main" name, our singlet name, but please use our respective names when you can
  • part native (mi'kmaw), white-passing
  • disabled, wheelchair users (POTS)
  • we live in ontario, canada with another lovely system (the bodevans) ♥♥ the prism system is coming to live with us within the end of the year too!!
  • current alters (12) are: enjolras, shawn, marshall, holtz, hermann, keith, gumball, lizzie, quinn, ragnar, bruce, tali'zorah, holmes, monroe
  • tumblrs are respectively @ hisenjolras, adhdbug, redguitarsolo, schizzotypal, spaceysciences, teencowboyz, angelzbubz, butchsongbird, cuteeevil, goryroyalty, dontcryyouliar, awkwardquarian, idiotgenius, risingprophet.
sep 10 2018 ∞
nov 14 2018 +
  • aka monroe (either is fine)
  • undead; fictive of simon monroe (in the flesh)
  • tumblr is @risingprophet
  • 22-24 years old
  • he/him, bigender
  • bisexual, single, asexual, monogamous
  • likes: music, writing poetry, reading fanfictions, cooking/baking(?), languages, undertale, in the flesh
  • personality: sounds somber and intense 24h, caring in a very serious way, talks about dark things very seriously, turns peoples jokes on their heads to make a serious discussion of it, nihilistic humor, really gentle touch-wise, really slow romance-wise (likes to be 'courted' and doesnt rush things), cares about every living being too much (including plants/animals), gets lost in awe of mundane things a lot, mysterious but caring
nov 13 2018 ∞
nov 15 2018 +
  • enj (les miserables) fictive
  • AKA enj
  • tumblr is @hisenjolras ; peach and twitter are @hisapollo
  • 29 years old
  • he/him, guy
  • gay, taken by his boyfriend luc (his tumblr is @entichedapollo)
  • spec interests // likes: overwatch (mercy main) sherlock holmes, flowers (plant symbolism) // painting, legal dramas, fancy fashion, poetry
  • personality: the ultimate dad, a real peacemaker leader (keeps people in harmony & in check everywhere he goes), needs to take care of others 24h, charismatic, extroverted, really affectionate & cheesy, genuinely chill guy (but always overworks himself to help others), obnoxiously optimistic, high self-esteem
  • mental health: npd, recovering drug addic...
sep 11 2018 ∞
nov 14 2018 +
  • bruce banner (avengers) fictive, kins hp
  • his tumblr is @dontcryyouliar
  • 30ish maybe
  • he/him, guy
  • bisexual, taken by the beautiful matt (@brotherboard)
  • spec interests // likes: marvel, undertale, cryptids, paranormal/unsolved horror // writing, reading fanfictions, watching lets plays, coding, science
  • personality: writer (writes gay fanfictions mostly), always tired, shy little man with a big heart, sometimes nonverbal, very jumpy/easily startled (needs to be told when people come close to him/touch him), cant handle touch at all unless its matt (his bf), very self-conscious, really clumsy, doesnt mind people talking to him but may not talk much, swears a surprising amount
  • mental health: major chronic depression, ...
oct 28 2018 ∞
nov 10 2018 +
  • AKA elizabeth, beth
  • ghost; elizabeth comstock (bioshock infinite) fictive, kins kate marsh (LiS) and simon monroe (in the flesh)
  • 26ish ageslides to a child around other kids/complete strangers
  • any pronouns, demigirl (half girl half nonbinary)
  • butch lesbian, single
  • spec interests // likes: in the flesh, space, wolves (ptsd comfort), lions, wild animal behavior (esp carnivores), wolfs rain (anime), reading old books, dragon age, the sims, league of legends // winter, 50s retro fashion, smite (pc game), rgu (anime), blue/fancy aes, piano, choice games
  • personality: very christian, looks very dreamy and gentle, kinda mysterious and says a lot of 'deep things' about life/death/justice. very caring. unafraid of anyth...
sep 13 2018 ∞
nov 14 2018 +
  • shawn spencer (psych) fictive
  • tumblr is @adhdbug ; peach is @trashbug
  • 25 years old
  • he/him only, nonbinary guy
  • gay, taken by his boyfriend riley (his tumblr is @hackernacker) (happily monogamous)
  • spec interests // likes: overwatch (lucio main), sonic, transformers, naruto, haikyuu, lego movies // memes, old garbage movies (semi-ironically), tiedye shirts, bright colors, shitty pop music, big dogs, terrible ds games, regular show, crash bandicoot, platform games, grand theft auto, rooster teeth vids, mcelroy vids, a:tla
  • personality: annoyingly loud twink, says total nonsense 99.9% of the time, will triple-text you dumb memes at 3am
  • mental health: adhd, dyslexic
  • triggers: ??
sep 11 2018 ∞
nov 12 2018 +
  • aka holmes
  • fictive of sherlock (elementary tv show)
  • tumblr is @idiotgenius
  • over 23
  • guy
  • bisexual, single
  • likes: psychology (at extremes)
  • personality: very british, doesnt talk unless hes interested by the person or the subject, either overreacts or underreacts. is really into philosophy, dark ironic humor, likes coffee, gets obsessed with new things easily (then drops them), a Lot when excited or annoyed, treats Everything as a social experiment, tends to just roll with everything but also kind of whiny, very cynical, doesnt know how to show emotions or attachment, thinks hes unfeeling and unattached
  • mental health: hpd, child physical abuse, bipolar (weeks-long depression, mania)
nov 11 2018 ∞
nov 14 2018 +
  • AKA gumball
  • angel (seraph); prince gumball (adventure time) fictive; used to go by nico!! (turned out to be an ageslider!!); kins ness (mother game)
  • tumblr is @2paddington2
  • teenager (13-14), ageslides to 5 randomly (is very soft/cuddly/shy when small)
  • he/him, boy
  • bisexual, single
  • spec interests // harry potter, q eye, teen titans, voltron, mlp, boardgames, mario games, plushies, star trek ds9, final fantasy 15, splatoon // likes cheesy 80s music, wearing bowties and old colorful 80s clothes, winter, christmas, family things, science, languages, lilo & stitch, rabbits, hamsters, dogs, horses, neopets, kirby, bh6, one day at a time, kingdom hearts
  • personality: nonverbal when triggered, sl...
oct 1 2018 ∞
nov 14 2018 +
  • AKA quinn, or Q
  • tumblr is @cuteeevil
  • harley quinn fictive (suicide squad +comics)
  • 24ish?
  • she/her, nonbinary girl
  • lesbian, dating the lovely iceni @icenibrigantes (as of 9/11/18)!! super polyam!!
  • spec interests // likes: dancing, biology, psychology, medical stuff (wanted to be a nurse), doki doki literature club, tattletail (game)(and other creepy/cute games), dhmis // comics, gay/gory mangas, clown/medical/trauma/cute punk aes, pastels, girly plushies/dolls/etc, furbies, intense gore, iced cappuccinos, shugo chara (and other magical girl stuff), utena?
  • personality: acts like a popular cheerleader girl, sounds overly cheerful/excited (even when saying smth mean), swears a lot(???), weirdly naive and childishly exci...
oct 28 2018 ∞
nov 13 2018 +
  • vampire; marshall lee (adventure time) fictive
  • AKA marsh (or mar-mar if youre johan)
  • tumblr is @redguitarsolo ; peach is @pinkvamp
  • 18 years old
  • he/him, guy (feminine prettyboy, 100% male)
  • bisexual, taken by johan (tumblr user @jellyfishbard)
  • spec interests // likes: kimi ni todoke, cat behavior, swedish culture // cats, halloween, pirates, romcom anime, pokemon, string instruments (mandolin right now), singing, edgy music, spiders, pastels, obsessed with iced cappuccinos
  • personality: adorable+awkward, pokes fun at friends a lot (but then gives apology hugs), pastels aesthetic (not into dark colors), huge social anxiety. huge dork, always trying to please others.
sep 11 2018 ∞
nov 13 2018 +
  • hermann (pacific rim) fictive
  • tumblr is @spaceysciences ; peach is gayhermann
  • he/him, nonbinary guy?? doesnt care about gender
  • 30 years old
  • gay, taken by his newt (@kaiijubraiin)
  • spec interests // likes: robotics, technology, mathematics (esp algebra, but dyscalculic), english lexicography, sherlock holmes? (at least the elementary tv show) // cleaning, organizing, "researching", making lists, pet training(?)
  • personality: hypercritical of everyone, cares a whole lot more than he lets it show (obsessively makes sure his loved ones are healthy/safe/happy), gets euphoric from productivity (chores, cleaning, organizing), never watches tv/movies/plays games, only reads nonfiction, very possessive of his stuff, stutters a lot when annoye...
sep 23 2018 ∞
nov 10 2018 +