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list of our alters! we also use this to sort out new alters, so it might not be 100% complete and not always make sense

the sidekicks follows:
  • viking, 30, he/him (nonbinary guy), bisexual, (dating my ensign @tzartrek as of 23/11/18 -- very polyam) ; bipolar, npd, violent csa survivor, recovering alcoholic.
  • triggers: csa, nsfw violence, alcohol.

"protective king"

  • extroverted, very cocky but veeery bipolar, swears 24/7, aggressively friendly & protective. super flirty. barely talks when depressive episode (v intense; lasts weeks).
  • into taxidermy, ocean life, nature, weapon history, crafts, viking music/etc, fur coats, native + other history/culture, religions, psychology, zombie/apocalypse shows, gory fps games, cooking(??)
oct 26 2018 ∞
jan 5 2019 +
  • psych (tv) fictive, 30, he/him (nonbinary guy), gay + ace (taken by his datemate gilli) ; adhd, dyslexic, csa survivor
  • triggers: violent ableism, nsfw trafficking, pregnancy/abortions

"twinky memelord"

  • bright colors, tie-dye meme shirts. annoyingly loud twink, says total nonsense 99.9% of the time, will triple-text you dumb memes at 3am
  • into overwatch (lucio main), sonic, transformers, naruto, haikyuu, lego movies // memes, old garbage movies (semi-ironically), tiedye shirts, bright colors, shitty pop music, big dogs, terrible ds games, regular show, crash bandicoot, platform games, grand theft auto, rooster teeth vids, mcelroy vids, a:tla, teen titans, voltron, dogs
sep 11 2018 ∞
jan 13 2019 +
  • alien, ghostbusters fictive. 30, they/them (agender - not feminine or masc), ace bisexual ; sztp, bullying survivor
  • triggers: violent bullying, crowds of teenagers IRL

"random alien enby"

  • unpredictable. just lays down and doesnt move ever. chaotic in a lazy way. always chill/relaxed. shows affection in weird ways. will 100% ruffle ur hair and give you weird gifts they found on the ground. really stpd and word salad, does w/e they want & doesn’t care if people follow (but enjoys company)
  • into drawing (surrealist art w/ pencil), pastels (light blue), clouds, bugs, the x-files, x-men, paranormal conspiracies // cooking, storms, sunflowers, cars, explosions, space
sep 11 2018 ∞
jan 14 2019 +
  • quarian alien, mass effect fictive (kins cassandra, merrill, janet), 24, she/her (demigirl), femme lesbian (single, monogamous); social anxiety disorder, bullying survivor
  • triggers: unsanitary, 'sam/samantha' name, schools, s/xting mentions, forums, rping

"awkward space lesbian"

  • naive, in awe of everything, likes scarfs on her head (overstimmy), awkwardly cute, rambles 24h, always excited
  • POKEMON(!!!), pastels, dinosaurs(!!!), space(!!!), coding, androids, technology, overwatch (mains symmetra/bastion), androids, weapons, astronomy (!!!), astrology, star trek ds9, languages, the sims, league of legends, smite (pc game), power rangers(!!!), undertale(?), card games, dnd, taz, lego star wars
nov 11 2018 ∞
jan 18 2019 +
  • elf, linkle/link fictive (kins tinkerbell (ouat), 25ish, they/she (nonbinary girl), bisexual (polyam, dating her russian bf pavel) ; hpd
  • triggers:


  • AKA wolfie (nickname!). wolf elven princess. completely nonverbal (makes noises/hums), dyslexic, pagan, neutral evil, swears nonstop & loves memes, self-confident & outgoing, rough humor, very expressive, obsessively "spring cleans" 24/7s, easygoing but LOVES attention & affection
  • into DRAGON AGE(!!!), WOLVES(!!!!!!), lotr + the hobbit, witchcraft (nature spirits, uses rituals/symbols), mi'kmaw culture, baking(?), the hobbit, lofi/chill music, otgw, open-world games, sword games, sigil witchcraft, shadow of the colossus, horizon zero dawn, wild animal behavior(!!...
dec 3 2018 ∞
jan 9 2019 +
  • borderlands fictive, 24ish, he/him (gnc guy), bisexual (dating pavel since 29/12/18, polyam, hypersexual) ; dpd, npd, schizophrenic
  • triggers: gorillaz (band). too cool for triggers. but also handsome jack + the name 'nathan'

"prettyboy dudebro"

  • HUGE dork, acts like a diva except except HUGE awkward dork too, cant talk for shit, BIG anxiety, panics @ everything, pretends to be cool 24/7, paranoid, tries to be the center of attention & fails, says 'bro' and 'dude' every 2 seconds, feminine guy but sounds like a dudebro
  • coding, glitch/hacker aes, dark web/hacking stories, ace attorney, borderlands, sport animes, choice games, crop tops, slicked-back hair, edgy old webcore stuff, film-making, video-editing
nov 25 2018 ∞
jan 18 2019 +
  • fictive of lisbeth salander (kins barbara gordon + jessica jones + carmilla), 25, she/her (agender), only into men & enbys? ; paranoid pd, avpd?, survivor (don't ask), counting(4s and 16s)/cleaning ocd (violent intrusive thoughts)
  • triggers:

"paranoid nerd / system manager"

  • no nicknames. cold/stand-offish, secretive w/ any private info, wants friends but genuinely awkward & scary goth fashion, doesnt know how friendliness/affection works. rarely smiles/laughs, but enjoys company. knife bi. monotone voice. always secretly anxious & paranoid. terrified of strangers (ptsd), light sensitive
  • into vampires + other monsters/creatures, vampire the masquerade (game), fnaf, wwdits, twau, twdg, horror games, action/revenge/dark movies, swedish language/histo...
nov 28 2018 ∞
jan 18 2019 +
  • kins quicksilver, wade wilson, isaac (teen wolf), 17, they/he (bigender, boygirl), bisexual, single ; schizoid, avpd, adhd, bullying survivor
  • triggers: schools IRL, crowds of teenagers IRL, has childhood trauma related to winter/snow

"fast lowkey pissed off twink"

  • AKA killian. really chill and open about shit, w/e he says you can take at face value? easygoing. goes along w/ whatever dumb shit u do. casually flirty w/ any alter his age. eats 24/7. a big impulsive dumbass.
  • into big edgy loud music fan of any kind, wtnv, mcelroys, roosterteeth, stupid vids. gets bored quickly so it's w/e.
dec 22 2018 ∞
jan 7 2019 +
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we're the sidekicks!!

  • our tumblr is @sidekycks ; our peach is @sidekicks
  • check our system about here:
  • physically 21 years old
  • charlie is our "main" name, our singlet name, but please use our respective names when you can
  • part native (mi'kmaw), white-passing
  • disabled, wheelchair users (POTS)
  • we live in ontario with the bodevans (
  • alter list (22): enj, shawn, marshie, holtz, hermann, keith, bubba, lisbeth, harley, ragnar, bruce, tali'zorah, Q, monroe, rhys, linkle, pietro, lydia, chara, bellamy, adora, sansa
  • some of us are monogamous & taken, and some of us are polyam, please be mindful of it
sep 10 2018 ∞
jan 20 2019 +
  • marvel fictive, 30, he/him (guy), bi (taken by his matt) ; major depression, avpd, recovering alcoholic, child physical abuse & bullying survivor
  • triggers: gorillaz band mentions, suicide mentions/images/descriptions, the name nancy, step-mothers, child death, parent physical abuse, school bullying, violent bullying, hide and seek

"shy quiet cryptid"

  • always tired, shy little man with a big heart, mostly vegan, sometimes nonverbal, very jumpy/easily startled, touch-repulsed unless its his bf, very self-conscious, clumsy, may not talk much, swears a surprising amount.
  • into marvel, undertale, pet training, cryptids, paranormal/unsolved horror, fanfictions, lets plays, wtnv, science, COMICS(!!!), hot cocoa
oct 28 2018 ∞
jan 18 2019 +
  • cowboy, l4d2 fictive. 15, he/him (boy), gay (taken by his bf fisher) ; adhd, torture/csa survivor.
  • triggers: blood mentions, knives mentions, fire.

"quietly cheerful li'l cowboy"

  • cuddly, really shy but overwhelmingly friendly, tends to be quiet until you initiate talking but will follow you around like a puppy and look at whatever you do and be visibly happy to be around people, does cheesy puns/jokes, card games
  • into nature, forests, farming games (harvest moon, acnl, etc), a:tla, ratchet & clank, paddington (movie), peter rabbit, gravity falls, club penguin, farm animals (cows, chickens), cottagecore, kingdom hearts, mario games
sep 19 2018 ∞
jan 13 2019 +
  • batman fictive (kins rouge, jennifer, johanna), 27, she/her (girl), butch lesbian (dating her gf iceni as of 9/11/18, very polyam) ; sztp, dpd, ex-SW (nsfw trauma), relationship trauma
  • triggers: men using the word 'wh*re' + 'prostit*te at all, the name 'chloe'

"bubbly cheerleader"

  • popular airhead cheerleader type, sounds childish & cheerful but the exact reverse. always dreamy & aloof, gets lonely a lot, very dpd (impulsive+moodswings), randomly low self-esteem, easily attached w/ strangers
  • drawing (colorful art!!), dancing, horror lets plays, doki doki literature club, cutesy horror, romance fanfictions/comics, creepy/cute games, dhmis // comics, gay/gory mangas, clown/medical/punk aes, butchy punk fashion, revealing clothes, paste...
oct 28 2018 ∞
jan 13 2019 +
  • elementary (tv) holmes fictive (kins rvb church + Q from skyfall + flynn (the librarians) + 11th doctor), over 23ish, he/him (guy), bi (taken by his bf mikey) ; adhd, sztp
  • triggers: none?

"weirdo detective"

  • very british, uses fancy words (& swears), snarky, talks very fast, obsessive writer, wears a beanie and a scarf 24/7, dramatic but lazy. quietly observing. always thinking (adhd). overreacts a lot. into 'social experiments'. always eating, hates being bored, no manners. reserved but not paranoid. entertained/amused by everything. pretty unattached but enjoys friendship/etc.
  • likes ted talks, writing(!!!)(fanfictions/original fictions, writing a lgbt book), tea, geography, baking/cooking, language...
nov 11 2018 ∞
jan 17 2019 +
  • banshee, lydia (teen wolf) fictive, kins jennifer (jennifers body), ginny weasley, margaery (GoT), jamie moriarty (elementary), trish (jessica jones), pauline (mario), peggy (agent carter). 17 yr old. she/her (girl), bisexual (single) ; bulimia, schizophrenic (dreaming/inception related), shakes a lot?, ocpd, torture survivor + relationship abuse. rly bad nightmares
  • triggers: dogs, gorillaz, dpdr, underwater, bathtubs, ghosts/paranormal, horror, sleepwalking, nonsense dreams

"your teenage queen"

  • pastels aes. prom queen / femme fatale type. very productivity-oriented & secretly very smart, but pretends to be a brainless pretty girl a lot.
  • into palm reading, 50s fashion, piano, tarot, divination, journaling, sciences, marvel, mermaids, deep sea, space
sep 11 2018 ∞
jan 18 2019 +
  • ghost; fictive of sansa stark (GoT), kins hermione (hp). 12, she/her (girl), bi (small) ; ocpd, ptsd (csa), anorexic
  • triggers: ????

"tiny ice queen"

  • vaguely british. pagan. pretty melancholic, bookworm. doesnt talk a lot, very shy w/ strangers (esp men), goes nonverbal often. gets huffy a lot w/ people she knows but rly sweet. always knows better than you (all abt rules & manners & being polite), gets overwhelmed w/ doing things perfectly & has meltdowns abt things not being in order
  • into harry potter (and AVPM), witchcraft (spells), magical creatures, musicals, winter, xmas, family things, sign language, boardgames, vintage stuff, british royalty/war history, reading books (fiction), magical creatures
jan 17 2019 ∞
jan 17 2019 +
  • nonfictive, 18, she/her (nonbinary girl), bi (taken by her bf johan) ; schizotypal, dpd, csa survivor
  • triggers: sleepwalking mentions, mirrors (pictures, mentions), loud sudden noises, bright lights, flashing lights, ddlg

"clingy cuddly catgirl"

  • aka marsh, retro fashion/aes, bright colors, rainbows. adorkable. singer, hugger, pretty clingy & always cheerful.
  • into digimon, invader zim, kingdom hearts, bee & puppycat, 90s movies/tv/games, plushies (& furbies/toys), video editing(???), photography (takes pics 24/7), iced capps, cringy fursonas
sep 11 2018 ∞
jan 18 2019 +
  • angel (seraph), les mis fictive (kins elizabeth comstock, kate marsh), 29, he/him (guy), gay (taken by his bf luc) ; npd, schizoid, recovering addict, torture/csa.
  • triggers: needles, drugs, cults, child death

"the ultimate dad"

  • affectionate soft-dad. open-minded christian. a real peacemaker leader (keeps harmony everywhere he goes), fancy hipster fashion, takes care of everyone 24h, overworks easily, charismatic/extroverted
  • loves cleaning, french music, fancy dresses/skirts/makeup, floristry/flower symbolism nerd, casual painter, wannabe lawyer (into legal dramas & criminal/civil law), utena, obsessed with jewelry, calligraphy, french stuff
sep 11 2018 ∞
jan 12 2019 +
  • fictive of prince/ss bubblegum, 16-17?, he/him (boy), bisexual (single) ; hpd, npd, child abuse survivor
  • triggers: unsanitary, mother abuse

"preppy pink prince"

  • overly judging, very sarcastic, loud & obnoxious. demands royal attention ("of course you adore me! im a prince im beautiful), doesnt care abt rules/politeness but cares abt u respecting him, likes being in charge
  • disney, wakfu, kimi ni todoke, romcom anime/mangas, kirby, hamsters, dolls, final fantasy 15, cheesy pop music, pink preppy boy fashion (bowties!), q eye, mlp, magical creatures, bh6, one day at a time
oct 1 2018 ∞
jan 17 2019 +
  • pac rim fictive. 30, he/him (nonbinary guy), gay (taken by his newt) ; ocpd, csa survivor.
  • triggers: dogs, uncles, sexual abuse, r slur, unsanitary

"grumpy-but-caring housekeeper"

  • hypercritical of strangers (but surprisingly caring), overly productive (chores, cleaning, organizing), only reads/watches nonfiction, very possessive of his stuff (and his newton), stutters a lot when annoyed, teachers pet
  • coding(!!!), robotics(!!!), computer building, artificial intelligence, technology, mathematics (esp algebra), cleaning, organizing, making lists, chess, crossword puzzles, jigsaws, memory games
sep 23 2018 ∞
jan 18 2019 +
  • not a fictive, kins thor (avengers). 28, he/him (guy), bisexual (single, monogamous) ; recovering alcoholic, dpd, adhd, rly dyslexic, mother abuse survivor
  • triggers: suicide, drunk parents, border collies (the dog breed)

"dumbass eager puppy"

  • AKA bells. looks like a quietly brooding country guy but acts like a rich city slicker & panics easily & overdramatic. childishly cocky. dumb w/ technology/maths/etc but RLY smart w/ his interests (thinks hes stupid). ocd stutters/repeats words/'stuck' alot. best hugger. loves learning. clumsy. everyones his bff. cries easily (even @ cute things), chronically charming (& knows it), dramatic, hero complex (bad at it). "tell me im good" meme
  • obsessive overwatch player(!!!!), into horses/horseriding(!!!), english lexicograp...
nov 22 2018 ∞
jan 18 2019 +
  • undead, in the flesh fictive. 24ish (ageslider), he/him (nonbinary guy), gay (taken by his blue boy kurt since 23/11/18) ; schizoid, religious ocd
  • triggers: blasphemy, IRL paranormal, sexual advances from strangers, calling him a sinner/dirty, exorcisms, brainwashing/mind control, bathtubs, underwater, drowning (esp children), paganism, w//tchcraft, unsanitary, small children getting angry

"random name"

  • extremely christian, sounds somber 24h, a very gentle man (esp touch-wise), cares about every living being (including plants/animals), in awe of mundane things a lot, mysterious/quiet, very nihilistic
  • writing poetry, plants, birds, cooking/baking(?), languages, undertale, in the flesh, the last of us, knitting, ghibli movies when agesliding, gardening, crafts
nov 13 2018 ∞
jan 17 2019 +
  • kins chara from undertale + stitch + s1 bjorn (vikings) + rocket (gotg). 5, she/they (too small for gender) ; anorexic, schizophrenic, parental abuse + csa survivor.
  • triggers: nsfw mentions, mother abuse, sunflowers, golden retrievers, car rides in snow, french

"tiny little shit"

  • AKA. very loud. impulsive. will 100% steal your belongings and hide them in a pile somewhere. very chaotic & will poke fun at u 24/7. pretty touch-repulsed unless knows u very well. plays childish tricks on everyone 24h. angsty bc they get afraid/anxious easily. hates strangers. darker humor than is usual for a kid bc of trauma. 'rip the bandaid off' kind of kid
  • WEBKINZ, primary colors, sweets, drawing/coloring, dress-up games, NEOPETS, club p...
dec 26 2018 ∞
jan 18 2019 +
  • adora (she-ra) kin/fictive (kins jess from new girl, and emma from ouat, zarya from ovw), 22, she/her (girl), bisexual ; npd, adhd, cleaning/organizing ocd?
  • triggers: ???????

"buff prince charming

  • uses pet names a lot out of habit, pretty self-righteous & very sure of herself & 'i've got this, luv' dumbass kind of girl, always "stepping up to help", hero complex, overproductive & overprotective & overly social and extroverted, obnoxiously gentlemanly girl, will act cool and prince charmingly w/o meaning to (dumbass) then freak out @ smth minor and sound like a dudebro & mix up words, The Guilt tm and feels responsible of everyone/everything, bad at swearing, very cuddly/huggy/comforting & overly caring & sweet, will kill any man and wont hesitate bitch
jan 13 2019 ∞
jan 18 2019 +