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list of our alters! we also use this to sort out new alters, so it might not be 100% complete and not always make sense

the sidekicks follows:
  • not a fictive, kins thor (avengers). 28, he/him (guy), gay, probably ace (single, monogamous) ; recovering alcoholic, dpd, adhd, rly dyslexic, mother abuse survivor
  • triggers: suicide, drunk parents, border collies (the dog breed)

"dumbass eager puppy"

  • AKA bells. looks like a quietly brooding country guy but acts like a rich city slicker & panics easily & overdramatic. childishly cocky. dumb w/ technology/maths/etc but RLY smart w/ his interests (thinks hes stupid). ocd stutters/repeats words/'stuck' alot. best hugger. loves learning. clumsy. everyones his bff. cries easily (even @ cute things), chronically charming (& knows it), dramatic, hero complex (bad at it). "tell me im good" meme
  • obsessive overwatch player(!!!!), into horses/horseriding(!!!), english lexicography, etymology, ethology/comparative psychology, biology, medical shit, spy movies, weird facts, random tv shows
nov 22 2018 ∞
jan 17 2019 +