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list of our alters! we also use this to sort out new alters, so it might not be 100% complete and not always make sense

the sidekicks follows:
  • tumblr is @goryroyalty
  • wrath demon; ragnar (vikings) fictive. kins nick (l4d2), lisbeth (girl with the dragon tattoo), bucky barnes, quicksilver (xmen)
  • 26 years old
  • he/him, nonbinary guy
  • gay (only into men), single, polyamorous
  • spec interests // likes: the 100 (tv), devilman crybaby (anime), vikings (tv), twdg (game) // crime tv shows, purple aes, knives, weapons, horror, zombies, monsters, wolves, the last of us
  • personality: goth/punk twink. very cocky. swears too much. aggressively friendly/flirty but always ready to defend himself. always feels powerful no matter what & very comfortable socially 24h, but always either thinks hes an evil, dangerous asshole (laughs at it 24/7 in those, but actually hates himself), or that hes the absolute best (uncaring of consequences and full of euphoria); isolates when in a bad moodswing. impulsive, feels everything extremely intensely. gets angry/annoyed swings (at the world in general).
  • mental health: borderline pd, physical abuse survivor, recovering alcoholic
  • triggers: child murder, alcohol
oct 26 2018 ∞
nov 16 2018 +