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hello!!!!! we're a professionally dx'd DID system (collectively named System32), here's a list of almost everyone!!!

System32 follows:
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  • Ratchet.
  • Transformers Prime canon.
  • Male.
  • INFJ / Capricorn
  • Taken
  • Comforter of Wilk.
  • I interest in science and also in for medical and space aesthetics. Terribly much into medical herbs.
  • I do ID with Gibson from SRMTHFG and Tetsuo Takahashi.!

//Fictive of Ratchet from TFP, old man (50's), he's very tired and grumpy, can be very soft and gentle, trying his best, originally appeared for Wilks comfort- still is but now even fronts, loves listening to ambience beep boop server sounds, siren sounds makes him happy- Doesn't like people too much, beside a few- also banned from cooking after making the outcomes OOF- keeps forgetting the age of the body

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