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✦ 18. any pronouns. ( she / he / they )

your friendly bigender penguin.
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Jameson Renar... Likes
callie ✧゚・: * ~
bee uh..kins???
the good stuff


  • I have no strict preference on pronouns or names, I seriously don't mind anything you use on me so generally you won't have to worry about misgendering me. I'm into the idea of people switching up pronouns for me. ( he / him brings me most validation, but sometimes i just need to be called she / her by a few people )
  • I tag nsfw, spoilers, loud volumes in videos, and any other sensitive subjects. Let me know if there's anything specific you need tagged.
  • If I ever make you uncomfortable, please, feel free to let me know ( and it is important that you talk to me directly instead of subtweeting or tweeting on a private account. ) so I can be more careful. Your comfort is always priority and I'd gladly spare some effort in making sure you feel safe.
  • I'm not one for a lot of explicit sexual humour, but do let me know if you're uncomfortable with those kinds of jokes anyway so I can avoid them around you.
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