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she/her. tmi if you care. please love

  • this too shall pass

just as literally everything in the world has come to and end. clock tickling, seconds run, minutes hours days, at the end everything would come to another phase

  • don't be too much or too little

living is hard. do not have too much hope, too much expectation, too much love for others, please don't love yourself too little, don't give too little, don't do too little. you deserve more as you have more

  • eventually you'd die so live now

this is actually not really a quotes, this is my dn on priv twitter, since i had to believe someday i'd be gone but for now there's no choice except continue living, continue giving what we could give and receiving what we deserve to get.

jun 28 2020 ∞
jun 30 2020 +
  • 21+ | f | gemini
  • never been a simple woman
  • lil bit misanthropic, yes don't trust human
  • i'm loving have time talking to myself and thought rather than with people, in general
  • in capital, EMOTIONAL WRECK
  • sad song enthusiast, ballad is a must
  • very awkward in real life but some irls said im quite crazy, if they knew me, if they can pass the wall
  • messed head
  • slowly matured
  • adjectives
    • hypersensitive
    • fragile
    • introverted
    • exclusive
    • timid
jun 8 2020 ∞
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self care ideas

  • take a walk
  • feel grass under your naked feet
  • listening music
  • sit and breathing outside
  • watch clouds and guess the shape
  • feed animals
  • take a warm shower
  • read books
  • gardening
  • take vitamins
  • write letters to friends or yourself
  • pray
  • open the window
  • drink warm tea
  • arranging flowers
  • do something to your nails
  • play music instruments
  • singing/humming songs
  • read poetry or inspirational quotes
  • stargazing
jun 8 2020 ∞
jun 30 2020 +
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  • having a west-faced balcony so i can see sky every sunset
  • read books and build my own library room
  • learn languages: english (proficient), deutsch, korean, javanese
  • able to play music instrument
  • catching fall maple leaves from trees
  • playing snow and see aurora directly
  • doing charity every month with my own money
  • doing street feeding
  • able to paint and draw beauty
  • be able to hug and give warm to them who needs
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sep 11 2020 +
  • insecurities

them will be always there for you, you know it. there's no way to remove all of it since we are, i assume you are too, a human. what we can do is to lower the dose. so think like this, probably the person/things you're insecure of isn't really care about it so just be proud of whatever you have, be confident. imagine how the world would be sooooo much different when you have this courage to give love to yourself as much as you deserve. i assure you and what you have are always important. you are important.

  • anxiety

this one too is a long lasting friend, i have it too ofc, sometimes it's far but when it says hi to you remember to take a deep breath. calm yourself, have this thought: you definitely can't control everyt...

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