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she/her. tmi if you care. please love

  • 21+ | f | gemini
  • never been a simple woman
  • lil bit misanthropic, yes don't trust human
  • i'm loving have time talking to myself and thought rather than with people, in general
  • in capital, EMOTIONAL WRECK
  • sad song enthusiast, ballad is a must
  • very awkward in real life but some irls said im quite crazy, if they knew me, if they can pass the wall
  • messed head
  • slowly matured
  • adjectives
    • hypersensitive
    • fragile
    • introverted
    • exclusive
    • timid
  • I'm eating to live and food wasn't my comfort
  • love thinking something i shouldn't if that makes sense
  • one brag: i'm quite loyal
  • one diss: i'm very lazy
jun 8 2020 ∞
jul 28 2020 +