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she/her. tmi if you care. please love

  • i might sound cold online trust me i don't and freakin shy actually
  • don't hesitant to get in touch on my socmed list (on links), i love private dm's, mentions, chit-chat just approach me
  • don't bring war i don't like it
  • don't ask my fandom, i don't belong to anywhere i just stan the artists
  • as i frequently stated, it is free for you to follow / unfollow / mute / block / softblock / hardblock as i'm free to do that, even if you're mutual with me and interacted before
  • reason 1: people change, i might be someone you don't want to friend with anymore, vice versa
  • reason 2: all the way media is giving manipulation, do believe i am not the product of your imagination, if it doesn't fit, do whatever as pointed above
jun 28 2020 ∞
jul 28 2020 +