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she/her. tmi if you care. please love

  • insecurities

them will be always there for you, you know it. there's no way to remove all of it since we are, i assume you are too, a human. what we can do is to lower the dose. so think like this, probably the person/things you're insecure of isn't really care about it so just be proud of whatever you have, be confident. imagine how the world would be sooooo much different when you have this courage to give love to yourself as much as you deserve. i assure you and what you have are always important. you are important.

  • anxiety

this one too is a long lasting friend, i have it too ofc, sometimes it's far but when it says hi to you remember to take a deep breath. calm yourself, have this thought: you definitely can't control everything in this world but you can control how you facing them. have a meal, don't ever skip meal, i suggest the healthy one. get enough drink, sleep, and exercise. and talk to people if necessary

  • overthinking

i guess this one is less for you but more for me because i have bunch of it yet sometimes i just let whatever thinking take place in my head and enjoy the zoning out process. it is necessary, for sometimes to listen ourselves. take a note so it won't be too messy inside your head, whether just scrambling on paper or phone. then, forgot it. let the media eating them up.

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