my name's rowena! (rena or wena for short)

  • ♬ she/her, 24 yrs old
  • ♬ Mexican American, white
  • ♬ USA; california
  • ♬ chronically ill | autistic
  • ♬ bi
  • softblock when unfollowing. dont have to explain
  • i dont mind being muted
  • I love meeting new people and making new mutuals! I tend to follow back (please be 18 or older)

twitter behavior

  • tweet heavy; I retweet/tweet a lot
  • SFW. rting art of charas in swimsuits and text nsfw jokes is as close to nsfw as i get
  • i fave tweets a lot. i use it as a way to show i saw your tweet but also as an act...
jan 29 2017 ∞
mar 18 2019 +
  • ❤ tons of rare pairs, huge multishipper, femslash enthusiast
  • ❤ multifandom; into rare fandoms especially
  • ❤ other important fandoms: pokemon, fire emblem (including old games), my hero academia, misc seasonal anime, girls frontline, dragalia lost


  • ❤ main fandom: granblue fantasy
  • ❤ favorite characters: fenrir, ange, magisa, nezahualpilli, rackam (I complain about him, this is my way of showing him love, okay), nio, sandalphon, ilsa, alexiel, olivia, cagliostro, anthuria
jul 20 2017 ∞
mar 15 2019 +

IDs for gaming. Pls friend me. My name's Rowena on all these accounts.

Things I actually use often:

  • Granblue Fantasy: DM me or wait until I make a tweet about it asking for more friends; my name changes here a lot (summons are: Sylph, Varuna, Alexiel, Tiamat, Lucifer, Celeste)
  • Girls Frontline: 136582 (adjutant is Calico; day echelon is UMP45/WA2000/M4A1/9A-91/UMP9; night echelon is UMP45/Calico/M4A1/9A-91/UM9)
  • Dragalia Lost: 7137 2842 152 (helper is Dragonyule Cleo)

Things I don't use that often:

  • 3DS: 2964-8608-7163
  • Fire Emblem Heroes: 0019940130 (main unit is Grima Frobin)
  • Fate/Grand Order: unavailable rn
jul 20 2017 ∞
mar 15 2019 +