IDs for gaming. Go ahead and friend me (please tell me in advance so I don't reject the request). My name's Rowena on most of these.

Things I actually use often:

  • Granblue Fantasy: in privatter (summons are: Colossus, Varuna, Titan, Tiamat, Zeus, Celeste)
  • Dragalia Lost: 7137 2842 152 (helper is Bridal Aoi)
  • A3! EN: 832394021
  • Arknights EN: Rowena#4496
  • Genshin Impact (PS4): in privatter (Server: Americas)

Don't use that often

  • Switch: Wait until I post the code/DM me
  • Revue Starlight Relive: 2229545419

No longer use:

  • Fire Emblem Heroes: 0019940130 (unit is Grima Frobin)
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nov 22 2020 +