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documenting the ups and downs of my everyday life with mental illness just @ a glance...

  • 29/06 - i still have henna on my hands. i was able to sit at the table for dinner on monday evening. i even sat altogether to watch GoT season finale. im not sure what had it in me, but i was happy i made it through those two things that evening. this however doesn't mean i am completely "over it/recovered" from my miso. there's a ways to go yet. i am improving since my newest prescribed dosage. it's definitely helped with the nerve wrecking sensation from answering the phone or someone asking me for a chill day out. i continue to give myself recouping time after days out where there are swarms of strangers. i just keep thinking on the 5 sensory things.
  • 23/06/16 - Cried a bit today, heavy breathing and still can't breathe all too well thanks to current sickness. Finally after 2 days, got my payments sorted out, thanks to the anonymous lady on the end of the line i wasn't too agitated to finish the call and wait when she told me to. Went to get a coffee @ the wild-bean cafe, thanks to S.O. have to go without pastries for a while. That'll prove difficult with my background. Doing my best however. Hopefully in the next week i will be sure of when i can attend bookfest (haven similar to a con except with just books). Since started on 200mg of the antidepressants, im starting to see some positive changes.
  • 22/06/16 - Meant to be reporting to DHS today online. Thank goodness it's online, last trip, i had a panic attack. I thank my partner for being there, getting me there and all. We have hope this next interview will set sailing smoother. Still sickly, bronchitis slowly fading thanks to antibiotics, so should be at gym again soon.
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