• back pain and lying in bed
  • coffee addiction off the roof
  • cravings: sushi/ice-cream/fettuccine/cannoli/good lasagne/bueno chocolate/dark chocolate/cheesecake/green tea gelato/jasmine&honey tea from burlington/md voltage
  • habits: computer usage daily/time with kato daily/leaving dishes in room/clothing going unironed and piling up
  • have begun to watch pewdiepie again for some weird reason...?
  • have less motivation at the moment in mid semester break trying to finish all assessments possible to submit ASAP
  • haven't gamed since july
  • missing: gaming/painting/drawing/sleep/shopping
  • music: jack white/white stripes/gerard way/grimes/twenty one pilots
  • obsessions: macabre/horror/creepy reddit/coffee
  • tv series getting into: american horror story
sep 21 2016 ∞
sep 21 2016 +