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Creative (50%)

  • Challenge To Self: I will develop my talent and express myself without letting fear of failure hold me back, and stand by my artistic point of view in the face of criticism.
  • Defining Grace: Creativity
  • Lesson To Learn: To develop artistic gifts rather than ignoring them.
  • Life Journey: To explore the heights of imagination through new forms of creativity.
  • Other Expressions: Performer, Creator, Storyteller
  • Unique Challenge: To overcome the fear of being unoriginal.

Caregiver (38%)

  • Archetype Family: Caring
  • Challenge To Self: How can I dedicate more time for myself so I have more stamina to care for others? Can I give myself the freedom to explore what truly makes me happy?
  • Defining Grace: Compassion
  • Lesson To Learn: Learning to help when it’s really needed.
  • Life Journey: Care for others in ways they are unable to care for themselves.
  • Other Expressions: Nurturer, Mother, Lover, Sister, Teacher, Rescuer, Homemaker, Heroine, Best Friend, Companion
  • Unique Challenge: Fear of being thought of as selfish.

Spiritual (12%)

  • Archetype Family: Spiritual
  • Challenge To Self: I will tap into and trust my intuition, and be conscious of where I position matters of the spirit among other live interests.
  • Defining Grace: Humility
  • Lesson To Learn: To be truthful with myself about who I am and what I believe; to recognize when I’m resisting change in order to remain comfortable
  • Life Journey: To discover the meaning and purpose of life
  • Other Expressions: Mystic, Healer, Seeker
  • Unique Challenge: To create a life that balances my spiritual, emotional, and physical needs
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