• the “i accomplished something” mood: you decided to be productive that day but at night you realise you haven’t accomplished a single thing from your to-do-list. stressed you get yourself a cup off coffee and sit next to your desk really unmotivated and exhausted. half an hour later you’ve solved one math problem. you smile, you have done something.
  • the “i’m so fucking motivated” mood: early morning. you get out of bed right after the alarm goes off. well-rested you brew yourself a cup of tea.you write your to-do-list. after that you take a seat in your bed and start reading trough the textbook of your fave subject. “i’ll succeed today” you think and take a sip of your tea.
  • the “oh i’m so gonna prove you wrong” mood: “you can’t do it”, they say. determined you start working early. you read, you write notes, you revise, you discuss,...
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jun 17 2017 +

biblioteca do caeg

  • ☑ a sintaxe da linguagem visual
  • ☑ introdução à teoria da cor
  • ☑ de-composição da forma
  • ☑ novos fundamentos em design
  • ☑ gestalt do objeto: sistema de leitura visual da forma
  • ☑ técnicas y leyes compositivas
  • ☑ a cor no processo criativo: um estudo sobre a bauhaus e a teoria de goethe
  • ☑ novos fundamentos em design
  • princípios da forma e desenho
  • ☑ psícodinâmica das cores na comunicação
  • da cor a cor inexistente
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Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with the insatiable desire to learn. To know astronomy and geography and language and architecture; to recognize each constellation, planet, and star; to speak and understand all languages, be able to decipher ancient Greek and Latin text; to grow my understanding of how the human body works; study the differences and similarities of each religion; recognize the use for each herb and seed and sapling.

I want to better myself, not for fame or recognition or power. I just want to understand.

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oct 28 2017 +

— ★ primeiro período | 2017.1

  • ★ elementos compositivos de projetos i — 94/100 A | 6 faltas
  • ★ desenho geométrico i — 98/100 A + | 4 faltas
  • ★ introdução à expressão gráfica — 95/100 A | 1 falta
  • ★ tópicos em matemática aplicada à expressão gráfica i — 95/100 A | 4 faltas
  • ★ projeções cotadas — 77/100 C + | 4 faltas
  • ★ geometria dinâmica — 94/100 A | 8 faltas

— ★ segundo período | 2017.2

  • ★ elementos compositivos de projetos ii — 95/100 A | 0 faltas
  • ★ desenho geométrico ii — 97/100 A | 2 faltas
  • ★ desenho técnico — 98/100 A+
  • ★ tópicos em matemática aplicada à expressão gráfica ii — 96/100 A | 0 faltas
  • ★ geometria descritiva — 100/100 A+ | faltas

— ★ terceiro período | 2018.1

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— sometimes, you don’t magically improve how you want to. sometimes, instead of getting an a in that class you worked really hard in, you get a c. but going from a fail to a c is so much progress in itself, and you should be proud of yourself for that. glorifying getting a’s is great and all, but we all need to see more posts glorifying real progress, whatever that looks like. you had failed that test completely but now you scraped a pass? progress! you got a d in that class last year and now it’s gone up to a c or a b? progress! a’s are wonderful and all, but sometimes you’ve got to cherish the other, less typically celebrated moments. no one goes from a fail to a 100 overnight. give yourself some credit.

— i think one of the biggest problems i have with getting stuff done is i assume it’s easy for other people. like “she gets up at six every morning because she’s a morning person” or “yeah, he ..._it’s all about discipline for everyone...._ like yeah, some people have natural apti...__achievements don’t come easy__ , and i think if i start acknowledging th...

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  • always give 100% in anything you're doing. it doesn't matter if it's easy or if you already know how to do it. commit to it. do your best. so if you get anything less than A+, you know you did your best, wouldn't do anything differently and the grade doesn't reflect your knowledge.
  • being kind is always worth it.
  • if you want to do something, don’t be afraid to do it alone. you can make new friends along the way. and if you don't, it's still ok to do things on your own. fall in love with yourself and your own company.
  • don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. it's easy to believe everyone is always trying to attack you but it's not as likely as you think. tell people what’s going on in your life, talk about your feelings, have deep conversations about your dreams. your friends want to hear it. make sure ...
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