Sometimes people rec me fics but the fics include topics I am not comfortable with, so for reference, here are things I avoid (or at least I scroll by the parts that have them when I read fics). technical things like italicization are because I'm mentally disabled.

  • western religion (esp christianity; other religions are fine)
  • police (especially if they are the protags)
  • single parent AU, mpreg, raising children, any references to being a parent, lovechildren
  • drugs, alcohol, smoking
  • incest, noncon, pedophilia, excessive violence/gore
  • adult/student
  • any talk that involves "slut" and "bitch"
  • hardcore and unresolved angst, on the scale of character death or being permanently injured/disabled
  • infidelity, one-sided love (unless the popular ship is the one that's unrequited), jealousy, break-ups
  • homophobia, transphobia, racism, abuse, ableism, misogyny (even if the fic is addressing an issue instead of falling prey to it, I'd rather avoid it)
  • cisswap/genderbend, trans/neurodivergent/disabled characters (this is a long story but I’m not comfortable with these because of personal experiences) (Exception: I'll read fic with disabled chars if there's absolutely no angst. I'm especially inclined to read if author is disabled.)
  • piercings, tattoos
  • references to anyone hating each other, especially Oikawa and Kageyama, or Oikawa and Ushijima
  • "pretty setter squad" stuff, narrow focus on how "pretty" characters are such as semi, akaashi, etc.
  • "captain squad"
  • "next gen captain squad"
  • Oikawa being obsessed with aliens/space
  • Ushijima being obsessed with Oikawa, and getting him into Shiratorizawa
  • entire paragraphs of italicized text
  • truth or dare games, potions/magic that force someone to tell the truth
  • fic exploring gender/orientation as the focus
  • having characters related to each other (like oikawa and kageyama being brothers)
  • fics that are 15k+ words but are only one chapter instead of broken up into multiple chapters
  • fics that focus on anatomical terms
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