INFP | agender | asexual / aromantic | ve/vir/vem

I am an agnostic-atheist, I love chocolate milk and mozzarella sticks, and I have an QPP who goes by Azhar!

To be absolutely specific with my identity, I am agender, maybe a bit masculine-leaning, even, apothiromantic, and aegosexual and apothisexual, simaltaneously.

Please do not use they/them pronouns with me, make an effort to respect and use my neo-pronouns. I'd really appreciate it! Questions are encouraged.

I am a rather worried and paranoid person, I can (irrationally) assume the worst, and become suspicious, distrusting, and doubtful of those closest to me. I often excessively ask clarifying questions, and sometimes feel that people are ignoring me when they aren't, and would never do so. I apologize in advance for my potential terrible accusations and thoughts, I really am trying to get them under control.

I also struggle with confrontation and connecting with people, if we are in an chat and I suddenly leave, it's because I never connected with you and that I couldn't confront you about it. I am really striving to be more honest and blunt with people about my feelings from now on.

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