• basic dni
  • pro/comshippers
  • pro israel or neutral on the genocide
  • edshtwt
  • ex friends and exes
  • akitoya ruikasa akimafu shuristaff cashplayer rinlen shippers
  • dsmp fans
  • use fonts
  • under 14 or over 20 UNLESS I INT FIRST
  • u hate on my interests (boringggg)
  • u hc mfy as transmasc (sorry not sorry i do not like the hc and wish that people who DO hc her as tmasc to not int with me! i dont need to explain why just dont break my boundaries ^_^)
  • u say slurs u cant reclaim
  • hazbin hotel/helluva boss/vivziepop fans
  • THOSE roblox myth fans.....
  • buttondale fans/you associate urself with it
  • u hate my gf or any of my friends
  • use fonts ironically or unironically idc get away from me
  • idk what else to put but if i find you a freak or weird or you break any of my boundaries i will block u! please dont be immature and post me blocking you or going on a rant about it. if i have you blocked please dont go out and ask me why i blocked u. i either blocked you because: we are on bad terms, youre an ex or ex friend, weve argued in the past, youre a weirdo, you were mean to me or my gf or any of my friends, we dont like eachother, & plenty of other reasons.
feb 13 2024 ∞
feb 28 2024 +