i swear i dont know how this happened; one sec i thought they were just cute and now im in too deep.

— some short tweetfics/aus with no titles

  • park jimin bored one night so he decides to text a random number he saw in one stall of a restroom in uni
  • an au where yoongi is known as agust d and jimin is the biggest fanboy of agust d (who was blasting tony montana at 3 am)— but little did they know, they're actually real life neighbors.
  • yoonmin au where jimin is a popular youtuber who thinks he’s found the love of his life, “yoonji” and asks twitter to help find her. low and behold- “yoonji” was simply yoongi’s halloween costume last year- and yoonji is very much so a dUDE. chaos ensues.
  • yoonmin au where jimin receives a text that says his data limit is running out and he always replies with “fuck you” to post on twitter for the clout but is surprised when one month someone actually responds
  • Yoongi and Jimin, strangers off the internet, are paired up because of a glitch on an app that matches people for puppy playdates.
  • a yoonmin au where yoongi downloads an app for lgbt people as a joke but actually ends up questioning his sexuality
    • I LOVE THIS, also hoseok is my fav here
  • au where hoseok and taehyung are little devils who just want their best friends, min yoongi and park jimin, to stop pining for each other. the solution? mess with their contact names.
  • Nobody rejects Jimin, so when film senior Min Yoongi didn't kiss him back at a party Jimin decided to hate forever. But of course Jimin had to take a film elective this semester and Yoongi is in the same class and for some reason he really wants to get along with Jimin
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