she's art. you don't have to understand her. she wasn't built to validate your opinion. accept her for the beautiful ambiguity that she is.

'bout me: faeries, mermaids, angels and elves; loves all types of art; does architecture and urbanism college; exo-l; aurora boreali and meteor shower; like to write sometimes; love cats but doesn't have one yet; artemis, persephone, hera and hestia; in love with yellow things; 6am & 8am ; want to have a lot of tattoos; want to meet a lot of places in the world; treehouse; always hungry and sleepy; drinks lot of coffee, water and tea (and wine cof); some sunshine and the leader; almost vegetarian, summer reader; eve and dawn; 00s & 10s; autumn girl.

jun 23 2017 ∞
may 9 2019 +