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The relationship you two share is very unusual… A detective and a phantom thief. Despite being enemies, your relationship isn’t based on hatred or ill will…


✦ i dislike a lot of characters n im very vocal about it

✦ woo i kin ,,, no i dont heavy kins r albedo, qin mo(tkr), shi luo (fog), homura (pmmm), akechi(p5), and haruka sakurai

✦ dm me for my uids in genshin, arknights

✦ I SOLO STAN SUNGHOON N SUNOO please dont call me an engene i will die

✦ please do not talk to me about makoto nijima i hate her

✦ i like to gatekeep stuff ^__^ its an illness at this point Hah if that annoys u then block me ;)

✦ watch haruka's mv called weakness!! tw : animal death, choking, neglection, blood, eye strain

✦ games im playing rn are!! arknights, genshin, persona 5 striker (konoe's jail), counterside, granblue fantasy, and cookie run kingdom!!

sep 8 2021 ∞
sep 18 2021 +