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infj personality traits:

  • work hard to improve the lives of those around them
  • focus on the whole perspective, rather than the minor details
  • base decisions on emotions and intuition rather than logic
  • enjoy structured days that allow them to follow a schedule
  • commit themselves completely to a set of moral values

infj strengths:

  • sensitivity to the needs of those around them
  • idealistic thinking that enables change
  • ability to connect deeply with other people
  • unwavering commitment to their values
  • desire to help better the lives of others

infj blindspots:

  • tendency to be easily offended or upset
  • perfectionist ideals that can create unrealistic expectations
  • difficulty facing and resolving conflict
  • deeply private attitude and demeanor
  • struggling to compromise when it relates to their values

infj common jobs:

  • writer
  • non-profit entrepreneur
  • teacher
  • counselor
  • interior designer
  • physician
  • psychologist
  • artist


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