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1. | Describe your personality.: passionate, playful, loving, warm, intellectually curious, intuitive, resilient, free-spirited, shy

2. | Define what beauty means to you.: anything that awakens, moves, or intrigues the soul

3. | Describe your current appearance.: glassy eyes, flowing hair, dewy skin, rosy lips

4. | Describe your appearance overall.: olive-skinned, dark-haired, slender

5. | Live with __ in your heart.: gratitude

6. | Inner peace comes one step at a time. Name a step.: forgive yourself for your past mistakes, but make an honest commitment to learn and grow from them

7. | Think about or dream up your significant other. Describe their aura.: trustworthy, caring, authentic, masculine, confident, reassuring, good-humored

8. | Name a pet peeve.: arrogance/people who look down on others

9. | Find your perfect place. Describe it.: a small, beautiful cottage in the middle of a forest where it's always autumn

10. | What is the relationship like with your friends?: full of humor, adventure, openness, & trust :)

11. | What is tragedy to you?: an invitation from God to get closer to Him

12. | What value do you believe in most?: gratitude

13. | Look into your own eyes for a second. What do you see?: softness, passion, mischief, warmth

14. | What was your first infatuation like?: quiet, innocent, unexpressed

15. | Describe your smile.: expressive, shy, slightly dimpled

16. | Who or what do you live for?: nearness to God, the happiness of my family and friends, & the prospect of helping people on a local or international scale

17. | Describe your family.: protective but very loving and down to earth; i'm extremely close to my mom and brothers

18. | Define music.: intoxication for the ears

19. | What's your biggest wish?: to know myself deeply enough to know God

20. | What's the most important lesson you've learned in your life?: painful situations can be incredibly tough to live through, but they're so vital to reconnecting us with who we really are and what actually matters

21. | What do you hope for?: love, fulfillment, and transitioning to a world that's kinder and more fair for everyone

22. | What virtue do you believe in most?: patience

23. | What or who would you give up everything for?: my friends, family, faith, and innocent beings who really need help

24. | Live to __: be so good to others that you make them feel grateful they're alive

25. | What's the most important lesson /anyone/ should learn?: that living a spiritually empty life is never going to satisfy the innate hunger of the soul, and material attempts to fill that void are always going to fall short

26. | Name a destination you want to arrive to.: the clouds during sunrise

27. | Look up towards the sky. What word comes to your mind?: majesty

28. | Define love.: an exquisite connection that deepens our connection with God; it's one of the most beautiful proofs of God's existence

29. | What's the best advice you can give the generation of tomorrow?: live from the inside out, never the opposite, and be careful how much of the world you allow into your soul

30. | Define life.: a brief detour along an eternal journey

31. | What's the best way to describe how you love as an individual?: passionately

32. | Assuming you believe in Destiny, what do you fear your Destiny might be?: i genuinely hope i don't die before experiencing true love or spiritual wholeness

33. | Assuming you believe in Destiny, what Destiny are you hoping for?: a life that i can dedicate to helping people

34. | Some people plan their future. Have you planned yours out?: to some extent, but definitely not as well as i should

35. | If so, what are you planning?: in the near future, i plan to work for a nonprofit i feel strongly about, and possibly pursue a master's degree... at some point, i'd like to publish a novel and do a lot more traveling. i also hope to settle down & get married before i'm 30, but i need to meet the right person first

36. | What are you striving for?: inner peace, love, and nearness to God

37. | Do you honestly think you'll accomplish your goal?: i hope so, God willing :)

38. | Define emotion.: an innate reaction to the circumstances around us

39. | Assuming you are, how are you unique?: i think i view life differently than a lot of people, but that doesn't make me better or worse

40. | What makes you a leader or follower?: i'd say i'm probably neither- i like to walk my own path and meet people without judging theirs

41. | Define home.: anywhere my heart feels at peace, anywhere my loved ones are, & anywhere i feel most deeply connected with God

42. | How is your relationship with strangers?: generally a mixture of friendly, warm, and slightly shy; sometimes standoffish if i'm feeling socially anxious

43. | Define poetry.: one of the most honest, raw forms of human expression

44. | Define indulgence.: the very human impulse to let loose sometimes

43. | Do you have religious faith?: Alhamdulillah yes

45. | Assuming you do, describe it.: Shia Islam: it's the most perfect pathway i could ever imagine to connecting with God & the purpose of my existence

46. | Define determination.: the understanding that some goals are too important to let fear win

47. | Define fear.: the lies the ego tells us to keep our souls from elevating

48. | What do you fear most?: my loved ones getting hurt

49. | Why?: because it's the one possibility with the greatest power to absolutely destroy me

50. | Define romance.: if love is a garden, romance is the sunlight that enables the flowers to bloom (i love cheesy poetic metaphors, can you tell?)

51. | Define romantic. (Yes, there's a big difference.): anything that strikes the right balance of bliss, sensuality, passion, and excitement

52. | Learn from __: your lowest, most painful moments and be endlessly grateful for what they've taught you

53. | Know that __.: you'll never know much, and that's okay; having a sense of wonder is one of the most rewarding feelings in life!

54. | Remind yourself to ____.: be endlessly grateful for the small blessings, especially the luxury of clean water

55. | What keeps people from appreciating life?: letting our egos rule and blind us

56. | Mistakes are ____.: valuable opportunities for growth and improvement

57. | Define peace.: an elusive inner magic; you don't know you've got it until you feel it

58. | Define your past.: the fertile bed of earth i'm going to bloom from :)

59. | Define courage.: the ability to prioritize well in the face of danger or uncertainty

60. | What's the biggest fear you've overcome?: i used to be terrified of driving, talking to strangers, and making mistakes; i'm thankfully doing better in every sense :)

61. | Define your country's history.: bloody, violent, genocidal

62. | What are you currently feeling?: restlessness, peace, & gratitude

63. | Define your life. (Your life specifically.): a beautiful, unasked for gift that i'm really grateful to God for

64. | How do you see the world?: through rose-colored glasses

65. | How do you wish you saw the world?: i sometimes wish i could be more pragmatic and realistic, but then i think my life would lose so much of its meaning

66. | How would you like to live?: freely, passionately, lovingly, and with boundless faith and confidence

67. | Define humanity [as in people, not compassion].: God's most beloved creation, yet also potentially the most evil due to our propensity to harm

68. | Why do you think that word has two completely different meanings?: there's an interesting difference between what being human should ideally mean vs how people actually are

69. | Define cecity.: a lack of ability to see outside oneself; an absence of love

70. | Are you a controlled person?: generally, very controlled

71. | If not, why not? If so, why?: i usually am out of respect for myself, other people, my values, and concern for my reputation... but i let loose around my closest friends

72. | Do you recognize when you get out of hand?: sometimes a bit late, but yes

73. | What influences you to get out of hand?: passion, lack of sleep, excitement, road rage

74. | What do you usually do?: i sometimes speak too bluntly or become absolutely horrible at making sense

75. | And then what do you do to cope?: experience a wave of embarrassment or regret

76. | How do you deal with things generally?: i'm usually easygoing and optimistic, but i'm super prone to overthinking things

77. | What angers you most?: injustice, cruelty, the mistreatment of innocent people, animals, and the environment

78. | What saddens you most?: that we live in a time where our resources have never been so abundant, yet so many people are living in a state of deprivation because capitalism doesn't allow for the fair distribution of those resources

79. | What gladdens you most?: knowing that i have an incredible circle of loved ones and a faith that makes so much sense

80. | Which value of yours keeps you alive?: probably my patience, faith, or devotion to my family

81. | Which goal of yours keeps you alive?: the prospect of connecting with God, helping others, & experiencing true love

82. | Life is tricky. What's the biggest obstacle you've encountered?: my own wicked assortment of self doubts

83. | Have you ever experienced any major tragedy?: yes

84. | What was it?: i've experienced a few tbh

85. | What did it feel like?: absolutely soul-crushing

86. | Are you an introvert or extrovert?: generally pretty introverted, though i can usually switch gears pretty easily

87. | Why?: i'm introverted because i spend a lot of time in my head; i'm extroverted because i love meeting people, hearing their stories, and finding common ground with them

88. | As silly as it sounds, do you hide from yourself?: to some extent, probably? i'm generally pretty self-aware unless i'm sleep-deprived

89. | Some people do. Why, do you think?: it's honestly probably so much easier to live that way

90. | What's one of the biggest issues you're going through currently?: balancing my desire for love with my desire to only marry someone whose personality i genuinely love, respect, and click with

91. | Do you think Fantasy has anything to do with reality?: yeah, i think it's a necessary kind of escapism that makes reality more bearable

92. | Magic happens every day. What have you seen that's magical?: honestly, children. everything about them is magical, especially the bond between a mother and child and the lack of limitations in the way they view the world; everything seems possible when you're a child and that's probably the closest thing to spiritual wholeness

93. | Overall, what do you believe in?: goodness, and the idea that almost everyone has some in them

94. | Choose a stereotype that best fits you.: hippie

95. | Why did you choose it?: i absolutely love nature, animals, peace, togetherness, and spirituality

96. | What defines your beauty as an individual?: my commitment to finding beauty in others

97. | Why do you or don't you believe in equality?: of course i believe in equality, what kind of psychopath wouldn't?

98. | Who are you biast against? Be honest.: i have an issue with people who hold the belief that capitalism is a perfect economic system despite its obvious ethical failings

99. | Define proof.: what the ego demands when it doesn't want to listen to the soul

100. | In one word who are you?: seeker


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