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To become a true lover of God; to spend my life in pursuit of His pleasure & nearness

To love the Ahlulbayt ع with enough sincerity to embody their messages and ideals

To keep the sacrifices of Imam Hussain ع alive within my soul

To keep alive the innate wonder, wanderlust, and softness at the core of my being

To spend every day of my professional life engaged in meaningful work that benefits people in need

To be endlessly good to my parents, especially my mom; to spend the rest of my life making her as happy as possible

To marry someone because they feel like my soul's true match, not out of social or cultural pressure

To be the kind of wife who makes her husband want to wake up with a huge smile everyday; to be his greatest source of pleasure, excitement, and comfort

To remain dignified, principled, empowered, and endlessly loyal to my values no matter my surroundings

To create beautiful works of writing & art that bring hope and healing to the world

To spend most of my excess wealth taking care of people in need, especially children

To be an understanding & endlessly loving mother if parenthood is in the cards; to raise my kids to be loyal to the message of Imam Hussain ع

To be good to the earth & conscious of my impact on it

To be an endless source of compassion, relief, healing, and laughter for my friends

To be an endless source of laughter, love, and joy for my brother

To cultivate the ability to see beauty, meaning, and possibility in each day

To live in a manner that pleases the Imam of my time ع

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