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Happiness is a perpetuation of positive thought patterns. It's being habitually attuned to lightness, simplicity, uncomplicatedness. It's the courage to be clear-headed, to bear darkness with patience and composure, to become barren of expectation and blame.

Don't be at war with your own being, even if the object is self-improvement. Growth best occurs as a byproduct of nurture, not aggression.

Don't become an enemy to yourself. In a manner of speaking, you're all you've got- you are your greatest responsibility in this brief life, an unbidden gift. Befriend yourself, protect yourself, and become the most solid, faithful companion of your own finite being.

Once you have embraced the self, loving others will come naturally. If you turn away from your own being, however, you will only be able to love other people in fragments- never with entirety.

In life, you'll often be misunderstood, devalued, treated badly, judged, disliked. Often, none of it will have anything to do with you. Negativity is inescapable, so stop trying to escape it. Face it when you can face it, take none of it personally, learn from legitimate criticisms, and above all- forgive and move forward as gracefully as you can.

Pray for the well-being of people who are bad to you, it's good conditioning for the soul. Don't feed your frustration or anger. Remain immovable, strong, and kind.

Don't allow dark circumstances to darken you.

Pause very often to revel in momentary sensations... Don't rush beyond moments or dismiss them as insignificant; live in them. Take it all in- the heady tickle of winter air, the sweet tang of a strawberry, the rare blessing of a day where everything has gone smoothly. Let each minute detail contribute to your happiness in its own way. This appreciation will sustain you.

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